An Exquisite Encounter: Showcooking at Hogarguti with La Perla de Jávea and Les Freses

Yesterday, on Monday, April 22nd, Hogarguti became the epicenter of an unforgettable gastronomic experience. With La Perla de Jávea delighting our palates and Les Freses providing their finest wines, the event was much more than a simple culinary showcase; it was an emotional encounter that transported us through flavors and aromas.


From the very beginning, the atmosphere was imbued with the passion and commitment of those behind the stoves. César, the talented Venezuelan chef, Majid, along with Sonia (Owner of La Perla de Jávea) and the rest of La Perla’s team, took us on a culinary journey filled with surprises and delicacies.

With a lot of diners gathered around the table, each dish became a culinary gem, carefully crafted and presented with the utmost care. The tempting aromas of crispy bread with alioli and Les Freses moscatel wines prepared us for what was to come.

The Jávea red prawn croquette with Iberian pancetta flakes was a burst of flavors, with a seductive sauce leaving a memorable taste in every bite. The semi-roasted tomato salad with cuquillo olive cream showcased the freshness of local ingredients, paired with Les Freses’ Xiulit red wine.

One of the star dishes, the artichoke with ham cream and crispy bread, reminded us of the magic of Mediterranean flavor combinations, enhanced by the La Rectoría wine. And the creamy rice with cuttlefish and prawns with tender garlic was a symphony of textures and flavors that conquered our senses.

To culminate this unique gastronomic experience, the apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream offered us a warm embrace of flavor, accompanied by the sweet Dolc wine from Les Freses. And for those who still craved more, some chocolate truffles closed the evening on a high note.

La Perla de Jávea is much more than a restaurant; it is a gastronomic temple that blends Mediterranean tradition with culinary innovation, offering dishes that captivate the senses and reflect the richness of local products. Les Freses, with its winery in Jesús Pobre, provides exceptional wines that perfectly complement each gastronomic creation, while sharing their passion for wine through guided tours and unique experiences. Meanwhile, Hogarguti is a leader in the world of kitchen furniture, providing bespoke, innovative, and high-quality products that create spaces where creativity and functionality are in perfect harmony. Together, this trio of excellence has made possible a memorable gastronomic experience, where the passion for cooking, wine, and design intertwine to create unforgettable moments.

In conclusion, yesterday’s showcooking at Hogarguti was much more than a display of culinary skills; it was a tribute to the passion for gastronomy, the pleasure of sharing special moments around a table, and the talent of local chefs who make Jávea a top culinary destination. An experience that will be engraved in our hearts and palates for a long time.

Hogarguti Contact Details

+34 966 435 301

C/ Pedreguer, 18 03700, Denia (Alicante)


La Perla de Jávea

Avenida de la Libertad, 2 Local 2 Playa del Arenal, 03730 Jávea

966 47 07 72



Les Freses

Parcela 1, polígono 12, 03749 Jesús Pobre, Alicante

+34 682 53 94 63






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