German Wine Excellence: A Les Freses Masterclass Event

Las Freses’ Vineyard Journey
In the heart of Marina Alta, Spain, Les Freses Vineyard stands as a testament to transformation and vision. Over eight years ago, Mara transitioned the land from its strawberry-farming heritage to a vineyard producing over 70,000 bottles annually. 

Today, Les Freses not only crafts wines that reflect the region’s character but also invites wine enthusiasts to delve into cultures far beyond its Spanish roots through its masterclass series.

Masterclasses at Les Freses: A Global Affair
Les Freses’ masterclasses are more than wine tastings—they’re cultural experiences. With selections from around the world, these sessions are led by experts like Jorge Femenia, whose insights bring the story of each region and its wines to life. The upcoming event on April 20th promises an exploration of German wines, offering a deep dive into renowned Rieslings and the robust flavors of Spätburgunders.

April’s Spotlight: The German Experience
The focus this April is on the German wine tradition, showcasing a lineup of carefully selected wines to represent Germany’s renowned vineyards. Each wine, paired with specially chosen tapas, is meant to enhance the tasting experience, allowing attendees to savor the unique profiles of Germany’s finest exports. This event, limited to 14 participants, ensures an intimate setting for personalized attention and learning.

Les Freses extends an open invitation to join them for this exclusive tasting event. Wine lovers looking to expand their palates and knowledge are encouraged to reserve their seats and partake in this immersive experience that promises to educate and delight.

For more information or to reserve a spot for the German Wine Masterclass, visit this link: 


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Parcela 1, polígono 12, 03749 Jesús Pobre, Alicante

+34 682 53 94 63

Website: Les Freses


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