Feast with a view at Coll de Rates

Perched atop a scenic mountain in Alicante, Spain, Coll de Rates Restaurant not only offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary but also enchants guests with live music. Managed by Mirabela and her brother, Chef Mircea, for over a decade, this establishment harmoniously blends breathtaking views, a fusion of Spanish and German cuisines, and soulful tunes, creating an unforgettable adventure for the palate and the soul.

A Haven for Cyclists and Foodies Alike
Nestled in a region popular among cyclists, the journey to Coll de Rates is as rewarding as the destination itself. The winding paths of Jalon Valley lead to this gastronomic and musical haven, making it a favored stop for those exploring the area on two wheels. Yet, even for those arriving by other means, the warm welcome by Mirabela, the inviting atmosphere, and the live music promise a memorable experience.

Savoring the Fusion of Cultures to the Rhythm of Music
The restaurant’s interior, adorned with Germanic decor, sets the stage for a culinary journey that mirrors a cozy alpine tavern, while the outdoor seating area offers panoramic views of Spain’s natural splendor. The menu, crafted with care by Chef Mircea, features German classics like schnitzel and apple strudel, alongside dishes that showcase the best of local Spanish ingredients, all enjoyed to the backdrop of live music performances.


A Symphony of Sensory Delights
The ambiance, enriched by live melodies, provides a harmonious backdrop to the dining experience. Mirabela’s recommendations, from the fresh Greek salad to the sumptuous prawns in garlic, lead diners through a series of dishes that are as generous in portion as they are in flavor. Main courses such as the tender shoulder of lamb and perfectly cooked sole highlight the kitchen’s expertise, while the concluding apple strudel pays homage to the restaurant’s German roots.

The Allure of Coll de Rates: Food, Views, and Music
Coll de Rates is not merely a restaurant; it is a destination where every visit promises new delights, including the charm of live music. With regulars arriving even by helicopter, it’s clear that the allure of this culinary and musical gem reaches far and wide.

For those in search of a dining experience that combines stunning vistas, delicious food, and an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality, and melodious entertainment, Coll de Rates awaits. Whether you’re cycling through the Jalon Valley or simply looking for a unique culinary and musical adventure, a visit to this enchanting restaurant is sure to be a highlight of any journey through the region.

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