The Evolution of Les Freses: Strawberry fields to Vineyard dreams

In the picturesque landscapes of Marina Alta, where the remnants of strawberry fields whisper tales of the past, lies Les Freses, a vineyard that embodies transformation and passion. Mara, the visionary behind this evolution, shares her journey from the land’s  strawberry heritage to its current status as a renowned vineyard.

A Unique Transition

“Les Freses, meaning strawberries in Catalan, was a name everyone recognized,” Mara explains. The decision to retain the name was a nod to the land’s history, despite the challenging shift from strawberries to vines. “We wanted to honor the land’s legacy while embracing its new identity,” she adds. This transition wasn’t just a change in crop but a testament to Mara’s innovative spirit, turning a water-intensive strawberry farm into a thriving vineyard.

Creating Experiences

Les Freses is more than a vineyard; it’s an experience. Mara’s vision extends beyond winemaking to offering visitors a slice of the vineyard life. “We aim to immerse our guests in the local culture,” Mara states. From vineyard tours paired with local tapas to educational school visits, Les Freses is a hub for wine lovers and the curious alike. “Our cellar is a home for all – a place to learn, taste, and celebrate the wine lifestyle.”

Empowering the Next Generation

Mara’s vision for Les Freses extends beyond winemaking to include a strong educational component. “We teach kids where food comes from, the territory, the vines,” she shares, emphasizing the importance of connecting the younger generation with their environment and the origins of their food. This educational mission also includes opening the vineyard’s doors to university students and those interested in biodiversity, making Les Freses a hub for learning and discovery. “Our cellar is not just a place for wine lovers; it’s a home for activities that deepen understanding and appreciation for the craft of winemaking,” Mara explains. Through these efforts, Les Freses aims to cultivate a knowledgeable, passionate community that values the intricacies of vineyard life and the artistry behind each bottle.

Masterclasses Around the World at Les Freses

Les Freses is not just a vineyard; it’s a gateway to the world of wines, hosting masterclasses that traverse global wine regions. The next stop on this oenophilic journey is South Africa, a choice inspired by Mara’s own experiences. She chose South Africa for our next masterclass because of the impact working in a Stellenbosch winery had on her, working there for 2 months. Through these masterclasses, Mara aims to share this global perspective with attendees, offering a taste of international wines paired with the rich stories behind them. “It’s about bringing the essence of global wine culture to Les Freses,” she adds, promising an immersive experience that celebrates the diversity and richness of wines from around the world.

The Essence of Les Freses Wines

What sets them apart is its dedication to endemic grape varieties. “Our focus is on putting emphasis on the endemic variety of grapes. We are so focused on the varieties of our area,” Mara shares. Whether it’s a light, social wine or a full-bodied counterpart best enjoyed with a meal, Les Freses offers a wine for every occasion. She shares that there’s a moment for each wine, “Some are more social, you can drink without eating anything, just having it while chatting with friends. Some are more full bodied and more gastronomic, best to be paired with a full meal.” Mara reflects.

In just over eight years, Mara has not only increased production to over 70,000 bottles but also ensured that Les Freses wines grace the tables of top restaurants and hotels. As she prepares for upcoming tasting events, Mara’s journey from strawberry fields to vineyard dreams continues to inspire, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore the rich tapestry of the land

Stay tuned to find out the upcoming events at Les Freses.

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