Webster Asesores: Potential Changes in Spain’s 90-Day Rule for British Residents

As post-Brexit discussions evolve, the prospect of changes to the 90-day rule for British citizens in Spain remains a significant point of interest, especially within the vibrant communities of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Presently confined by the 90-day limit within a 180-day period in the Schengen area, including Spain, non-EU citizens, including Britons, await clarity amidst ongoing discussions. While Spain is yet to formalize alterations, France’s recent movement in extending stays for Britons owning properties sparks anticipation for similar reconsideration in Spain.

The regions of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, cherished by British retirees seeking Spain’s sunny climes, anticipate potential extensions beyond the traditional November to March periods. The ongoing “180 Days in Spain” campaign gathers momentum, advocating for UK passport holders, many of whom own second homes, to enjoy extended stays in Spain. This movement aligns with EU and Schengen rules, emphasizing the economic and social advantages for Spain

In the midst of these discussions, Webster Asesores stands as a reliable guide for British passport holders navigating the evolving residency landscape in Spain. The firm offers expert assistance in residency permits, ensuring compliance with Spanish laws, and simplifying the transition for expatriates.

Specializing in various legal facets, including property ownership, inheritance matters, family law, tax obligations, and business setup, Webster Asesores provides invaluable support tailored to the needs of British residents. With a multilingual team adept at navigating complexities, the firm ensures seamless experiences and compliance with Spanish laws throughout British nationals’ stay in Spain.

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  • Address: Webster Asesores S.L. Edificio Velas Blancas – Calle Salvador Salvá 03730 – Javea
  • Telephone: 902 887 900
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  • Website: Webster Asesores

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