Webster Asesores: Meet Clive Webster and the Expert Team in Javea

Webster Asesores, established in Javea since 1993, stands as a stalwart in tax consultancy and legal services. Founder Clive Webster, steeped in Spanish life since moving as a child in 1966, embodies the firm’s ethos. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Valenciano, he navigates the intricate Spanish bureaucracy, though at times, finds it just as exasperating as others.

Clive’s expertise as a tax consultant, complemented by his intimate understanding of Spanish bureaucracy, forms the bedrock of Webster Asesores’ personalized service. His insight: “Understanding the Spanish tax system is like a perpetual puzzle – just when you think you’ve got it, they change the pieces.”

This dedicated team’s forte lies in property conveyancing, taxation, inheritance matters, family affairs, and legal representation. Their in-house lawyers adeptly handle potential court matters, offering comprehensive assistance in fiscal representation, accounting, and company setup.

Regarding the so-called ‘Bar Stool Experts,’ Clive advocates for professional guidance in navigating Spain’s legal and financial intricacies. His reasoning: “Attempting to manage without professional assistance can lead to lost time, unnecessary stress, and potential financial penalties.”

The Webster Asesores team comprises esteemed professionals dedicated to simplifying clients’ lives in Spain. Nicole Smolders, Vicente Ortiz, Pepa Fernando, Vicente Rufete, Sergio Bernal, and Juan Poch bolster Clive’s expertise, specializing in various facets of law, accounting, and taxation.

Nicole, a multilingual asset, manages client communication and appointments, while Vicente Ortiz brings over three decades of expertise in accounting and taxation. Pepa, proficient in administration and languages, complements Nicole’s role.

Vicente Rufete, with a deep understanding of taxation, and Sergio Bernal, well-versed in immigration and tax procedures, contribute significantly. Notably, Juan Poch, adept in criminal and family law, adds a crucial dimension to the team.

Webster Asesores boasts over two decades of dedicated service, tending to the diverse needs of 5,335 clients. Their collective expertise ensures tailored, efficient, and reliable assistance in navigating Spain’s legal and financial landscapes.

For all your taxation, legal, and financial queries in Spain, reach out to Webster Asesores. Let these seasoned professionals simplify your Spanish experience while you enjoy life in the beautiful Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Webster Asesores S.L. Edificio Velas Blancas – Calle Salvador Salvá 03730 – Javea
  • Telephone: 902 887 900
  • Email:
  • Website: Webster Asesores

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