Discover the Magic of Saga Moraira: Where Every Moment Shines

Amidst the azure tones of the Mediterranean Sea lies a place where joy dances in the air, and celebrations turn into unforgettable stories. Welcome to Saga Moraira, a haven that evokes charm and emotion in every corner.

Recently, Saga Moraira commemorated its anniversary, an event that transformed the restaurant into a vibrant hub of festive energy. Laughter echoed through the air as the venue filled with jubilant faces, both locals and visitors, all drawn to the allure of this wonderful place.

Imagine a scene painted with hues of celebration: vibrant balloons swaying gently, SONAL’s live music intertwining with the laughter of enchanted guests. It was a spectacle that unveiled the authentic magic enveloping this spot, right on the edge of the Mediterranean in Moraira.

The magic here transcends language barriers; it’s a palpable sensation of warmth and hospitality. Foreign visitors find themselves embraced by a team ensuring not just welcome but genuine care.

But the magic isn’t confined to special occasions alone. At Saga Moraira, every day is an invitation to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Saturdays and Sundays transform into ‘Unleash Your Afternoon,’ a delightful rendezvous where a bottle of house wine or cava comes with tempting bites, creating moments that endure long after sunset.

Mondays transform into Mussel Mondays, a culinary adventure offering unlimited mussels, a true gastronomic pleasure for those seeking new flavors and experiences.

Upcoming events are equally tempting. Picture yourself immersed in the harmonious notes of live music on December 25th, curated by SONAL, or savoring the festive spirit while indulging in the exquisite Christmas menu. And if it’s your birthday, celebrate it in style at Saga Moraira, where a glass of cava and a birthday cake await, an experience designed for joyful moments shared among loved ones!

So, whether it’s a casual afternoon, an intimate celebration, or a festive event, Saga Moraira opens its doors wide, inviting everyone to be part of its story—a tale woven with flavors, melodies, and the shared joy of life.

Contact Details:


Address: Ctra. Moraira a Calpe, 121, 03724 Teulada, Alicante

Reservations: +34 722 50 64 06


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