Vall de Pop: Festive Menus and Delightful Lunches in the Heart of Nature

Dive into the Jalón Valley and let Vall de Pop take you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey during these festivities. With carefully crafted menus and a paradisiacal location, this culinary experience is a Christmas gem not to be missed.

On the horizon of Jalón Valley stands Vall de Pop, a gastronomic sanctuary offering an authentic banquet during the festivities. From creative dishes to the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, each menu is a sensory journey you can’t afford to miss.

“Vall de Pop offers a unique Christmas experience where freshness and originality merge in every dish to create unforgettable moments.”

Menus that Delight the Senses

The special New Year’s Eve menu is an amalgamation of flavors and freshness. From a refreshing zucchini, mango, and burrata salad to white sausage croquettes with pear compote that awaken the palate. How about an exquisite sea bass with creamy spinach and tiki masala sauce? Or perhaps a tender sirloin steak with mushroom sauce and onion compote! The options are irresistible.

Also, don’t miss the tempting lunch menu for only 25 euros per person, which offers a variety of delights, such as the cordon bleu stuffed with manchego cheese and duxelle, accompanied by a touch of truffle and Iberian ham. A feast for all tastes that guarantees to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

A Culinary Oasis in Nature

Framed by the majesty of the Jalón Valley, Vall de Pop offers breathtaking panoramic views. Whether you prefer to dine al fresco with a stunning view or within a charming setting, each corner is imbued with the natural beauty of cherry trees, almond trees, fruit orchards, and vineyards.

Creative Cuisine Led by a Master Chef

Guided by Belgian chef Wout Sassen, Vall de Pop celebrates high-quality Mediterranean gastronomy with fresh, local ingredients. The carefully selected and prepared menu is a tribute to the senses, reflecting the chef’s passion for authentic flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences.

This New Year’s Eve, immerse yourself in a feast that celebrates the best of the region at Vall de Pop, where flavors blend with nature and hospitality to create memories that will last beyond the celebrations.

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