Navigating Financial Waters with Logic Financial Consultants

In the realm of financial advisory services, Logic Financial Consultants emerges as a beacon of trust and expertise. Established to serve the vibrant communities of the Costa Blanca, Murcia, Balearic, and Canary Islands, Logic stands as a fully regulated firm, adhering to the highest standards of UK best practices. Their commitment to transparency, particularly in fee structuring, sets them apart in a sea of financial advisory services.

Logic’s core philosophy revolves around tailoring advice to individual needs, a principle that has helped win them prestigious awards, such as “Excellence in Client Service” for Europe at the 2020 International Adviser Best Practice Awards. This recognition is a testament to their relentless pursuit of service excellence, an ethos deeply ingrained in their operations​​.

Logic Financial Consultants excel in navigating the complex landscape of finance and Spanish tax laws, particularly for expatriates. Their expertise is invaluable for British citizens adapting to the 90-day rule in Spain, ensuring compliance while maximizing benefits. They offer tailored advice and strategies for managing taxes effectively as a resident in Spain, addressing the unique challenges faced by expats.

What sets Logic apart?

Regulatory Compliance and Expertise

Logic’s adherence to regulation and licensing imbues confidence. With advisers qualified to UK diploma level, their expertise is undoubted​​.

Family-Run Ethos

As a family business, Logic adds a personal dimension to their services, going beyond mere financial transactions to build lasting relationships​​.

Diverse Financial Services

From holistic wealth management and varied investment options to comprehensive pension reviews and intricate cross-border tax planning, Logic’s services cater to a wide array of financial needs​​.

Transparent Operations

Emphasizing transparency, they offer free, no-obligation consultations, showcasing their commitment to client empowerment​​.

In essence, Logic Financial Consultants is not just about financial advice; it’s about forging a path to financial clarity and security, guided by expertise, integrity, and a personal touch. Their award-winning service is not just a recognition of this but a promise – a promise to provide the best service possible for the ultimate financial well-being of clients.

Contact Details

Address: Calle Andres Lambert 24, 1B, Javea 03730, Alicante, Spain

Telephone: +34 965 020 444

Mobile: +34 634 706 748


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