Amidst Mountains and Flavors: La Venta del Collao, a Gastronomic Hideaway

Immerse yourself in a culinary Paradise of Venta del Collao Restaurante, where tradition and authenticity meet in every dish, all accompanied by breathtaking views.

Enduring Culinary Traditions

This gastronomic gem, unlike others, celebrates its history by maintaining an unchanging menu. It’s like revisiting those places where you know you can indulge in your favorite dish time and time again. From the homemade tomato soup to the meatballs with their sauce, each plate is an ode to authenticity and tradition.

“At La Venta del Collao, each bite is a journey into tradition and the unchanging delight of enduring flavors.”

An Encounter with Nature

Yet, it’s not just the food that delights at La Venta del Collao. Its natural setting is a true gem. Now that the sun is a treasure, sitting on its terrace facing the majestic mountains and surrounding valley is priceless. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy these crisp days marking the beginning of winter.

Culinary Pleasures

Among the dishes, alongside the homemade tomato soup and meatballs with sauce, lie other culinary delights. From the duck fideuá with mushrooms to the wild boar stew, each dish carries the warmth of home and the taste of the mountain.

To culminate the experience, desserts charm with their flavor. From the cheesecake with berry sauce to the irresistible chocolate brownie, each dessert is a gift that sweetens the palate and the heart.

Embark on this culinary journey by reserving your table by calling: 649 59 05 38. Experience the authenticity of La Venta del Collao, a place where tradition, good food, and natural charm come together to offer an unforgettable experience amidst the serenity of the mountains.

Open from 20 December to 1 January every day

2 January closed

In January open from Wednesday to Sunday

Contact details:

Address: Partida del Camí del Collao, S/N Benimaurell, Alicante

Phone: 649 59 05 38


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