The Atlantic Botanical Gardens of Gijón

Botanical Garden - Gijon 2

The Atlantic Botanical Gardens of Gijón is an extensive ‘museum’ specialising in flora and vegetation that thrives in Atlantic zones. The region covers close to 16 hectares and enables visitors the opportunity to get to know the in depth details of plants: context, history, the function of ecosystems and human use etc… This is done through images, panels, games, puppets, audio-guides and a number of interactive elements.

The Botanical Gardens also have a number of specialised themed areas:

•    The Cantabrian area – contains important collections of flora from this part of Northern Spain.
•    The Vegetable Factory – with different paths that are organised according to the uses given to plants.
•    The Island Garden – dates back 150 years and has a romantic atmosphere and includes species from all over the world.
•    The Atlantic Path – a journey through the main vegetation landscapes of the North Atlantic.

Botanical Garden - Gijon

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