The Historic Gardens of Seville

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Seville in Andalusia has always been renowned as a magical city that has been beautifully restored and is one of the most stunning cities in all of Spain. If you also take a stroll amidst the flowers, fountains and the characteristic scent of orange blossom in the historic gardens of one of the city’s most emblematic monuments, the Real Alcázar Palace, then the plan is unbeatable.

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One of the most fascinating things about Spain is that it is home to some of Europe’s oldest gardens and one of the most special are the gardens at Real Alcázar Palace, which are located in the heart of Seville with the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Here are reasons to visit them:

•    Before entering the gardens you will have the opportunity to look around the rooms of the Real Alcázar; and ensemble of palaces that contain more than 1,000 years of history and are one of the city’s most visited monuments. If, art is your vice then you will be able to admire the many tapestries on display in an array of styles: Moorish, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neo – Classical etc.
•    The gardens themselves are unique and are an accurate reflection of the various passing historical periods. Which will interest you more? The Cross Garden, the 12th century Garden or the Moorish Garden? The English Garden, the Poets’ Garden and the Marquis of Vega-Inclán Garden are considered to be more modern.
•    The gardens encompass 60,000 square metres and contain 170 species of plant. From the Grutesco Gallery you can view the ponds, sculptures, colourful tiles, canals and the array of fountains. A particular favourite is Neptune Fountain which can be found in the Ladies’ Garden.
•    Spanish kings such as Alfonso X, Peter I or Charles V have walked through this place, and you can find out about the legends that accompany each garden. Did you know that the Prince’s Garden got its name when Catholic Queen Isabella gave birth to Prince John in a room whose window overlooked this garden? The Diners Garden, meanwhile, is home to the Pavilion of Charles V, where the Spanish Emperor used to have dinner in the summer.
•    On summer nights they hold something called the Season of Concerts in the gardens, where you will hear the best music under the stars.

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Besides the Real Alcázar, the Andalusian capital has many parks and gardens that will show you a truly beautiful side of the city. The most famous of these include those at Casa de Pilatos House, Las Delicias Gardens and especially the gardens of María Luisa Park, Seville’s main city park, located alongside Plaza de España Square. You can visit all of these in a horse-drawn carriage.

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