Scenic Views from the Basque Country. The Coast Geopark

The Basque Coast Geopark, a treasure trove of different chapters in the history of the planet, takes us on an incredible journey of discovery through geological time.


This UNESCO site is known for its jagged rock formations named flysch and for the fine black layer known to be left after the famous asteroid hit our planet 66 million years ago. A route of 13 km long offers breathtaking views and acts as a large encyclopedia revealing the world’s history in numerous geological layers. Visitors can walk along all these cliffs or take a boat trip and enjoy the offshore views of this spectacular landscape.



A series of strata formations rise vertically from the sea, creating a unique, magical landscape. At low tide, a large abrasion platform teaming with life is revealed at the base of these cliffs, testament to the incessant erosion of the sea. Nestled at the base of these flysch lies Algorri or Aitzgorri beach, a spot with little sand and plenty of rocks submerged under the sea. There are also nice sandy beaches in the area, like Arenal de Santiago which once served as a much welcomed resting place on the old coastal pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela, and Itzurun Beach, awarded with the Blue Flag and offering stunning views over the whole coastline.


The Basque Coast Geopark has added an attractive self-guided route taking in 15 natural viewpoints to its current offer that included various guided tours along beaches and across the dramatic cliffs. A 55-km, self-guided tour has been designed to allow one to visit the most interesting places in the area over one or two days. It provides a general idea of the landscapes and the main natural and cultural treasures in this environment, which is part of the European Network of Geoparks. You can download here the map of the Route of the Viewpoints across the Basque Coast Geopark. And after this voyage you can enjoy the scenic village of Zumaia or a visit to cave Ekain, which has been declared a World Heritage site. Not to mention that the area is perfect for any outdoors sports, from hiking to trekking and from sea diving to surfing.


Cover image via Geoparkea

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