Contemporary Bedroom Designs from Muebles Martínez

A high quality, decorative environment has a positive impact on our lives, on our time spent at home, being with family, resting, enjoying our private space. The furniture and interior design store Muebles Martínez in Benissa, Alicante, have an extensive collection covering all spaces of the house and showcasing some of the best solutions for a high quality home environment.

Muebles Martínez work with some of the most important furniture companies in Spain and Italy and their portfolio includes state of the art designs focused upon bespoke personalised options and collections that allow endless combinations of the modules and full customisation of the aspect. Today we take a look at some of their offers for the night area, including beds, wardrobes, small furniture and accessories:

The Emede Collection

The Emede modular design system offer totally personalised interiors: As every person is unique, so should every room be, they say.

The Urban bedroom for instance is an iconic Emede design; it is put together using a headboard that combines wood with inserts of other, totally innovative materials such as glass or ceramic. Totally personalised in its form and measurements. The final result is a bedroom with extraordinary richness owing to the geometrical positioning of the insertions as well as totally unusual materials.



Bedrooms, bedside tables, wardrobes, bookcases, sideboards, walk-in-wardrobes and multimedia units: we show you all the options and you decide how to combine them. Your creativity is the only limit. The combination you choose says something about you because you have created it. Beauty is in the overall combination.


Emede offer a new concept of modern, modular design furniture. Their system allows the customer to combine the different pieces of furniture from the catalogue according to necessity and aesthetic preference. All their modules are compatible with each other, allowing infinite combinations of colour and form. Their lines include 40 different finishes: natural finish, satin finish and open pore, and they also have finishes in glass, upholstery and ceramics. Emede was created in 1980 thanks to the business initiative and vision of three experienced professionals from the furniture industry. The place chosen to set up production was La Senia, Tarragona, and a town famous for the production of furniture and at the moment the focal point of the furniture sector on a Spanish level.



The Loyra Collection

Loyra collections seek to provide not only an individual piece but a complete furnishing concept, helping consumers to find an atmosphere that meets their needs: aesthetic and functional. They successfully combine craftsmanship, the nobility of the natural elements, the quality, and above all, the softness and elegance of the timeless.

From the top products of Loyra, their Zoe bedroom design line includes furniture and accessories with a contemporary line betting for classic and renovated by the current character contributing marked the sharp straight lines of their collections.



Loyra products are entirely manufactured in Spain, ensuring from the selection of the best raw materials and using most prestigious fittings and high-end finishes. You will find a world of choices in terms of sizes, finishes, accessories, solutions and multiple proposals to achieve a unique and functional habitat.



Loyra is a Valencian company located in Alcacer. Founded in 1996 as an evolution of a family business in the tradition of manufacturing home furnishings, currently has 11,000 sqm of facilities where craftsmanship combined with the latest technology and a highly qualified team to achieve maximum care and product quality.


La Ebanistería Collection

Like a tailored suit.  This is the idea of our bedroom collection Nite Nite, they say. A small universe where the possibilities are endless, where you choose your pieces and put your personal stamp on it.

With their Absolute design for bedrooms you can opt for polyhedral shapes that will enhance the timeless classic and elegant lines of the furniture, while the colours and textures palette has a slight touch of retro that definitely makes the overall ambient stylish and unique.



You can also take some romantic inspiration, put some glossy or matt finishes with their new options, add an elegant touch with gold leaf and silver leaf or warmth with our new natural wood veneer. Enjoy and select your favorite style from their wide range of fabrics:  Etro, Malabar or Aldeco, and see the different options their offer for the upholstery.



La Ebanistería was created in 1968 as a workshop in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo. Throughout their history, the main idea was always the same: “To create unique pieces using the best and most innovative finishes” – a simple statement but full of meaning and passion that has imbued the creative and manufacturing  processes in La Ebanistería during the last 50 years.

Check with us regularly to see more designs and furniture brands from the collection of Muebles Martínez.

We also invite you to visit Muebles Martinez on Avenida del País Valencia 7, Benissa, Alicante or call them at + 34 965 730 050.

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