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In matters of haute couture, there’s no need to travel around the world looking for the latest tendencies, as we can find them all in the studio and multi-brand stores of Paca Cervera in Valencia and Altea. Therefore we are proud to announce an exclusive series of articles that will bring the haute couture world closer than ever and highlight the essential values of fashion as seen by the very women who create luxury fashion for women.

Starting her career as a fashion designer, Paca Cervera opened a studio in Valencia 32 years ago, creating unique pieces for her clientele. The studio grew busier, the name of Paca Cervera soon gained national recognition and just recently her creative talent in haute couture was awarded with the Oscars of Spanish fashion, Dedal de Oro. The studio is also an exclusive boutique as, throughout the years, the Valencian designer gradually introduced to the public seamless creations signed by top haute couture names from around the world. Today, Paca Cervera stores in Valencia and Altea are renowned for their groundbreaking selections showcasing the latest fashion trends worldwide, as seen by some of the most exclusive brands that are part of the collection.


Furthermore, the studio and multi-brand store is exclusively run by the family. “In the space of the store we create our designs, says Estefania Salgado, fashion designer working together with her mother Paca Cervera. We create haute couture pieces, we design on measure and we also offer style and tendencies guidance. Being connected at all times with the world of haute couture as part of our work we selected, over the years, renowned brands that we like and resonate with, thus the store is actually a carefully personal curated collection of the worldwide top styles.”

Barbara Bui

Among the names selected in their collection, Barbara Bui has been present in the stores of Paca Cervera since 15 years, being one of their flagship brands. “Barbara Bui has always been following an elegant line and creating for the modern woman who wants to feel different. The structure of her creations is clean and restrained, timeless and fresh” Estefania adds.

Ermanno Scervino

Ermanno Scervino is another important name in the curated collection of haute couture of Paca Cervera. Why? Estefania Salgado details:“Because the line is very feminine and sophisticated, and he takes many risks in matters of shapes which, even if not as architectural as those of Barbara Bui, still work a lot with volumes and transparencies, blending the essence of fashion designs with ephemeral trends. We are especially fond of the games of transparencies that Ermanno Scervino creates.”

Alberta Ferretti

A special place in the collection of Paca Cervera is occupied by Alberta Ferretti with the romantic and floaty creations with feminine details that delicately accent the silhouette. “Alberta Ferretti is the Italian woman par excellence. She risks a lot with powerful patterns and prints and creates a fashion line defined by strength” says Estefania.

We warmly recommend you make an appointment and visit the stores as the wealth of knowledge and style of Paca Cervera and Estefania Salgado will certainly help you achieve your fashion goals.

Also, make sure you check with us regularly not to miss our exclusive series on haute couture designed and curated by Paca Cervera fashion stores. Visit their website and call + 34 963 816 696 for an appointment in Valencia, on Calle Sorní 14, respectively +34 966 880 717 for an appointment in Altea, on Conde Altea 3.

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