Re-modelling the Body at Clinica Britannia: Liposuction and Liposculpture

A handful of different kinds of liposuction exist today. The procedures are used to remove pockets of fat and, with liposculpture, to contour that fat across the body like a sculptor would with clay.



The most common areas or body parts where a liposculpture is carried out are:

External muscles or trochanteric region, commonly know as: “pistoleras” or “fat rolls”; internal muscles, knees and ankles; abdomen (above and below the belly button); flanks (spare tyres), thighs; back, nape; double chin, arms, breasts (specially gynecomastias in men); micro liposuction can be carried out on the face to treat facial ageing.


FAQ and Answers


Will the fat reappear in the areas where it is extracted?

No, in the treated area there remain fewer adipocytes (fat cells).



Does the liposuction hurt, during and after the intervention?

Normally it is not painful. We usually prescribe painkillers to avoid post operatory pain, but in most cases they are not needed.



Will I have many scars?

The incisions are very small approximately 2-3 mm. Aesthetic surgery always tries to leave the scars as unnoticeable as possible, this way after three months they improve and are well hidden.



When can I return to my usual activities?

We usually recommend that you rest on the day of the intervention and depending on the areas which have been treated; you may be able to return to your normal tasks the following day.



Will I have many “bruises”?

Normally, with the technique we use, any possible bruises are quickly eliminated.



I’m tired of following diets and not losing any weight, can I have a liposuction?

Of course, if we start with a liposuction we are able to remove the defects produced by the located adiposis this way stimulating the patient to follow a slimming program with more enthusiasm. The actual liposuction does not make you lose weight, it models, but as a result of improving the image in front of the mirror serves as stimulation to keep improving.


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Clinica Britannia offers the following services, with their team of doctors and surgeons: general practitioner, consultant physician, clinic ultrasound, gynaecology, skin specialist, cardiology, reumatology, urology, genomic expert, aesthetic medicine, psychiatry, E.N.T. specialist, eyes specialist, injury damage evaluation, minor surgery, digestive surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery (associated hospitals), X-Rays-Scinty Scan CT Scan-MRI-PET, digestive endoscopy.

With their team of practice nurses: laboratory tests, dentistry, general denist, root canal treatment, orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening, allied health professionals, chiropodist-podiatrist, nutritionist, counsellor-psychologist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, chiropractic-osteopath, hydro colon therapy, indiba and physia.

Clinica Britannia also offers the services of home doctor visit and home nurse visit.




Their Emergency number, 24h/365d: (+34) 607 255 755

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