Spanish Expressions Explained by Antonio Banderas

Vanity Fair recently asked Spanish actor Antonio Banderas to translate a few widely used Spanish expressions. The video has gone viral since April 23rd when it was uploaded, and we are glad to repost it here on Spain Life Exclusive. Enjoy!



The Málaga born cinema star, who plays Pablo Picasso in the recently premiered series Genius, on National Geographic, explains some of the origins and meanings of expressions that, translated word by word into English, sound either funny, weird or meaningless, while being among the most widely used across the whole Iberian peninsula. So, from “being a monkey” to “being the milk” and from “not caring a pepper” to “flipping in colours”, here they go, all explained.



The video is not a stand alone act. It is actually part of the Vanity Fair’s Slang School, showcasing celebrities’ knowledge of their native tongue being put to the test in this fun take on linguistics. They were invited by to swipe through a series of sayings and slang from their home country or city, and define each one to the best of their ability. The series includes, among others, Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo teaching Afrikaans, Mark Wahlberg explaining Boston slang or Gerard Butler teaching the Scottish slang.

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