5 Reasons Why Late Autumn is a Great Season to Visit Spain

Most tourists choose Spain in the summer, in search of sun, sea and sangria. Autumn is, though, the best season to spend in the Iberian area, as some things might get unexpectedly better. Here is a shortlist to keep in mind.

The Colours

The Mediterranean coast faces East. Still, due to change in the sun’s position, the sunset irradiates until it reaches, with its great shades of colour, the most Eastern parts of the sky and reflects into the sea.


The Wine

Late autumn is a fantastic time to tour some of Spain’s vineyards, like the bodegas from Rioja and Ribera del Duero, for a glimpse into the age-old wine-making tradition. Also, the wine fairs take place, in all the big cities of the Peninsula, after the harvest, thus after September.


The Seasonal Food

As soon as the temperature drops, it’s nice to try all the warm Spanish traditional cuisine. And there are few things better than the churros con chocolate to warm you up from the inside, now that the chillier weather is here. Spaniards also love to make use of seasonal crops, so it’s time to give up the refreshing gazpacho, perfect in the summer months, and tuck into crema de calabaza or pumpkin cream, cocido madrileño or stew of Madrid, as well as the caldo gallego or Galician soup with autumn veggies.


Fewer Tourists

After being overwhelmed by the record number of tourists flooding Spain this year, it is a relief to see less agglomeration and shorter lines waiting to see famous sites. Spain generally sees a huge drop in the number of foreign visitors in autumn after peaking in the summer, with a number of over 9 million. So now it is probably a better time to travel around the country or visit Spain’s world-renowned museums without the headache of too many tourists.


The Weather

Autumn is a sunny, breezy time when people are still enjoying the outside terraces, but in a much more pleasant temperature. The fall in temperatures makes it also a great time for a city break in Madrid or in the medieval Toledo, both of them famous for their hot summer, but perfectly lovely in autumn.


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