Casa Toni: Fish Dishes Are Among the Highlights of the Menu

In the coastal town of Moraira, the setting of Casa Toni’s new restaurant is elegant and fused with modernity. Moraira is a beautiful resort on the Costa Blanca strip, with 8 km of Mediterranean coastline backed by mountains and famous vineyards.


The Moraira region is famous for the growing of Muscatel grapes for wine-making. The vineyard area is away from the coast, up in the hills, where the climate is a little cooler, and the land is not so valuable for villa development. Also, Moraira’s historic roots as a fishing village are still in evidence. Its fish market is one of the most popular in the Costa Blanca region and the port has five fishing boats in operation.




And all these specific features of the region are to be found in the menu of Casa Toni.

The list includes several options for fresh fish, such as the salmon tartar with cheese cream, as starter. The tartar comes paired up with tasty vegetables, a selection of various fish eggs and edible flowers, to add a delicate sweetness and tender texture to the plate. As main dish, one can opt for the cod in wine, or for the Salmon Loins with Mustard Cream, or for the Tuna with Scallop and Green Asparagus Cocktail, among others. The Tuna Steak, for instance, as shown in the image below, sits on a bed of Salpicón – a typical feature of Iberian cuisine, here translated into diced and minced vegetables, bound with a juicy sauce.



Each dish can be paired with a specific wine: Casa Toni has an extensive list including local, Spanish and international wines, and a great winery space, or la bodega, in Spanish, where they keep the bottles at the best temperature.

Casa Toni also has a special Lunch Menu, and a special Dinner Menu, featuring their star dishes. The Evening menu includes appetizer, main dish and dessert, as well as bread, allioli, half a bottle of excellent wine and lemon sorbet cleanser.



Check for more details and reservations through their Facebook page.

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