Kick Off 2022 by Getting Your Finances in Order with Enrique Sempere 

With inflation and electricity prices hitting the roof and showing no signs of slowing down, what better time than any to hire a financial advisor? 


Using a comprehensive financial consultant will not only ensure you have a complete plan according to your needs but can also give you a better return on your savings. Today at Spain Life Exclusive, we tell you why having the help of a specialist such as Sempere Consulting will make your life that much easier. 

Based in Elche, just outside of Alicante, Sempere Consulting will guide you through the whole process involved in the operation of buying property, as well as providing you with all the necessary information and documentation, and acting as a mediator with the other party. 

The founder of Sempere Consulting, Enrique Sempere, is a professional economist. He assists investors, companies, and service providers in effectively managing their assets and liabilities. 

Having studied at Harvard Business School, Enrique is fully prepared to solve any financial predicament that you personally or your company may find yourself in. Services by Esempre include: 


  • Preparation of Economic Reports: 

Economic reports are a set of documents that represent a specific study or analysis of the economic situation. These documents are necessary for entrepreneurs to be aware of their current financial situation in order to make crucial decisions. 

Competitiveness in the labour market means having all aspects of a company under control. Financial reporting is one of the most important tools for a company, as it allows to improve decision making, to find management errors or new business opportunities.

Such reports will be swiftly carried out by Sempere Consulting’s team of highly trained professionals. 


  • Risk Analysis: 

Sempere Consulting is able to study the project you wish to undertake, and they’ll accurately analyze the risks involved to ensure you have the most advantageous outcome possible. A financial advisor such as Enrique Sempere can help good make good investment decisions based on our financial objectives and risk tolerance. 

Through the planner, the team can select investments that best meet our needs and objectives, whether they are long-term, short-term or highly liquid. By having a financial advisory service you’ll avoid losing money, as they know the movements of the stock market and has the ability and knowledge to easily navigate the stock exchanges. 


  • Management of Large Capital Investments: 

Many investors seek financial advice on investment and account management issues because, although they are knowledgeable about the financial market, they do not have the time to pay attention to their investments or believe that their needs would be better served by a full-time adviser. 

Sempere Consulting can provide ongoing investment management services as well as ongoing advice on financial planning issues that an investor may encounter.

These issues may include estate and tax planning, retirement preparations, paying for children’s college and a host of other considerations.

The advantage of such an arrangement is that the investor not only has a professional watching over his or her assets but also receives advice on his or her overall situation throughout the various stages.

Beyond traditional face-to-face meetings, investors can now have access to their accounts digitally and can meet with the financial consultants virtually for some or all of their portfolio review sessions.


  • Tax Auditing: 

The team at Sempere consultancy have had many experiences with clients who weren’t sure whether they were meeting the correct taxation requirements. You can feel safely assured that their team will review your taxes over the previous years to verify that your company has fulfilled its tax obligations according to the accounting information. 

The tax audit analyses and evaluates accounting records, money movements, as well as all documentation containing information relating to the operations carried out by the subject during a given period of time (the periods in fiscal terms go from year to year. 


Buying Property as an Expat in Spain

Spain is a very welcoming country when it comes to foreign buyers, limiting the possibilities of common homebuying issues. 

First, you’ll need a financial number, obtained by heading to a police station with your passport. This is typically processed on the same day for Spanish and EU citizens and may take a few weeks for non-EU citizens. 

If you’re looking into investing in foreign property, you can count on Sempere Consulting to take you through every step of the way. The team is equipped to assemble a robust structure suitable for the stable growth of your capital investments.

Sempere Consulting is a consulting firm that specialises in real estate. Specialised in giving advice to non-Spanish residents, Sempere will help you in the decision-making process by getting to know in depth your financial needs. 

Enrique Sempere

Contact Details:

Phone: (+34) 606 44 51 14



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