The Vet Of The Year; Toni Candela From El Port Veterinarios

When it comes to your pet one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make for your pet’s health and well-being is finding the best vet. The value of a good veterinarian is immeasurable. But the question is what makes a good vet? Well here at Spain Life we are extremely clear about this since a long time ago we met someone who precisely embodies the ideals and beliefs that any excellent veterinarian should possess, and we are not the only ones who think so; his positive reviews and devoted clients back this up daily.



Toni Candela



We’re talking about El Port Veterinarios, and in particular, Toni Candela, the great clinic’s owner where pets feel like they are at home.

Toni became a veterinarian by profession, and his passion for animals led him to create his own veterinary clinic. But this isn’t just any clinic; El Port’s success is based on its motto: “Animals Always Come First.” El Port Veterinarios is built on a veterinary idea that differs from others in that the animals come first, not money or anything else, because the primary responsibility is to care for the animal no matter what happens or what circumstance it is in.




They are also based on the concept of “slow vet” which is dedicated to providing clients with the greatest possible service and medical expertise for patients. They strive to personalize their client relationships and gain their happiness by caring for their pets’ health, always emphasizing quality over quantity.

Slow Vet is intended for clients of all types who are seeking for honesty. All individuals who respect the professionalism, quality, honesty, and affection for animals, as well as a job properly done by the greatest vets, and this is what you will find at El Port.

Bringing furry patients to this clinic is almost like a party; the dogs are treated with such love and attention that they enjoy coming! Toni always noticed greater compassion and empathy in women when it came to treating the furry ones, and Toni is constantly seeking perfection in the treatment of your beloved pet, therefore it is also a clinic with a lady’s spirit.



Toni is extremely motivating since he upholds all of El Port’s ideals as an animal lover who treats every furry patient as if they were his own and for whom money is not a hindrance when it comes to assisting and preserving an animal’s life.

For all this and all his achievements here at Spain Life we consider him the veterinarian of the year. El Port, with their slow vet concept, is the one for you if you desire attentive attention from all of the personnel and that they are shown real affection.

So pay a visit to El Port Veterinary Clinic, the people’s vet clinic in Altea. Appointments may be arranged online or over the phone at +34 966 880 612. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Contact details:

El Port Veterinary Clinic

Calle La Mar, 159, Altea – 03590 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 880 612




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