Plan Your Dream 2022 Wedding at Masia Xamandreu 

Looking for the right venue for your wedding in the new year? Discover the enchanting Masia Xamandreu tucked away in rural Valencia. 

Every couple that decides to get married does so with the illusion and hope that everything will be perfect. Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It requires organisation, effort and above all, an attentive eye to detail. 

Well here at Spain Life Exclusive, we’ve decided to make your life a little bit easier by saving you the labouring task of finding the perfect venue. We present: Masia Xamandreu. 

But first, you may be wondering, what is a masia? A word of Catalan origin, masias are rural homes with a unique architectural form, typical in parts of Catalonia, although they can also be found in eastern Spain and throughout the south of France.

Masia Xamandreu is a one-of-a-kind 19th-century Valencian country house that has been completely renovated. A spectacular palace for holding events, it perfectly encapsulates the right balance of tradition, elegance, with a modern-day revamping. 


If you are thinking about organising a dream wedding, you’ve found the right place. At Masia Xamandreu, they’ll help you to plan your wedding down to the last detail, with professionals dedicated exclusively to weddings. 



Masía Xamandreu is located very close to the city of Valencia, between Bétera and Godella. It’s very well connected by road from the AP7. 

In a privileged environment of open spaces, you will find this natural setting, full of charm and elegance, perfect for your wedding to be full of magic.

The team invite you to uncover this hidden gem, deemed characteristic and unmistakable for its entrance framed by a spectacular promenade of majestic palm trees.


This impressive farmhouse has beautiful two-hundred-year-old gardens, large terraces and cosy interior rooms that we will put at your disposal so that you have infinite possibilities when it comes to designing how you want your big day to be.

Thanks to its large surface area, Masía Xamandreu is able to offer you both indoor spaces and outdoor spaces, so that you can enjoy different atmospheres, whether celebrating a  wedding in its gardens or enjoying an exquisite cocktail under the canopy of its pine trees.

Of course, nothing is left to chance and you will always have at your disposal a plan A and a plan B depending on the weather so that you can be at ease at all times.


Services Provided 

At Masía Xamandreu they are very proud to have an extraordinary team of professionals who will make your day an unforgettable moment.

They want you to enjoy the most with your loved ones and not to worry at all, as their entire team will be looking after you at all times so that everything goes perfectly on the big day.

They’ll be able to share practical tips that will undoubtedly help you in the planning and organisation of such a special event as your wedding.

One of the first tasks to be carried out when organising a wedding is to list the number of guests. This factor will determine the very important details of the wedding on the whole, in terms of spacing, seats, decor, catering, and so on. 

Another very important point that we will detail is the option of hiring a wedding planner to help you with all the wedding preparations.

At Masia Xamandreu, all of this will be at your beck and call in order to make sure you spend the least time stressing over what is meant to be the most important day of your life. 



The farmhouse stands out for its own kitchen of extraordinary level, equipped with modern equipment in terms of gastronomy, to be able to offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to preparing your menus. 

The team always uses the best raw materials provided locally, so that both you and your guests can put the perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable event.

In the reception, 19 starters will be provided, and then the event is followed by the first course, sorbet, 2nd course, dessert and cake. 

The cuisine features dishes that are typical of the region, as well as some international and fusion dishes. 


How to arrive: 

Road Godella to Bétera, kilometer point 4 of the CV310. Access from the AP7 by exit 321 (towards Bétera).

For corporate events:

T: 963 63 84 43


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