The intimacy of a stylish bedroom

Since the seventeenth century it is possible to enjoy the privacy of a bedroom to rest,. Before this date having a bedroom at home was almost an unattainable luxury. The noble and opulent families built rooms in their castles and in the middle of the space they placed the bed, made of strong wood, covered with fine and silky fabrics. The less affluent families were satisfied with just a place in the house. Taking into account that the separation and distribution of the spaces was almost impossible, the furniture consisted of a small bed, mattress or straw blanket and a pair of trunks for storing clothes or delicate objects. In this scenario intimacy was unlikely. All this was going to change with time thanks to a series of transformations in social customs.


It is in the bedroom where new generations are conceived and that space is like a kingdom with its own laws, language and intimate activity. People occupy the bedroom for a quarter of a day and this space of the house is one of the most important. At present it is not possible to conceive a house without bedrooms, at least one main one. It is valuable that it is spacious and bright, with a giant window to admire a good view.


But what characteristics should a good bedroom have? The answer is relative since it depends on the taste of each person, but basically you should have a good, spacious and comfortable bed and replace the trunks with a pair of complementary furniture that keeps the most valuable personal things. It is important to take into account the lighting, that should project tranquillity and peace and be sufficient, directed and suggestive. Do not forget the decoration! That fulfils a fundamental role to give a suitable personality in space. For example, a good table with colours and proportional size is important and depending on the space is essential to have a sofa or an armchair that contrasts with the harmony of the place.



If you are still unclear about the bedroom of your choice, we recommend Maranda, a store with quality furniture, a variety of environments, exclusive and original decoration, suggestive lighting and interior design solutions. Innovation is in the place, where you can find expert and personalized advice for home decoration. Maranda is a magical place where you can breathe design, harmony, professionalism and style.


Do not forget to visit the section of bedrooms. Maranda has a variety of furniture for all tastes and styles, so you can find classic, modern and minimalist designs with defined concepts and contrasts chosen. The complementary furniture is spectacular, you can find coffee tables and auxiliaries, bookshelves, shelves, modules for composition, furniture for television, armchairs, etcetera. Everything so that you do not miss anything when decorating and renovating your home and, of course, the bedroom, to continue building generations and pleasant breaks.



Renew your bedroom with style! Visit the facilities of Maranda in 11 Nápoles Street, in Jávea (Alicante) or call their employees to request more information on the phone number +34 965 796 035. Discover their furniture catalogue at and leave your comments in the email


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