Gastro Casa: Candidate for up-coming Valencian tourism award

The Gastro Casa is a tranquil, boutique, adult-only hotel in Gandia, as well as an established restaurant with homemade, fresh and local dishes.


This enchanting and unique establishment has now been nominated for Valencian Community Tourism Awards in the Applied Innovation to Tourism category.


Agustin Gómez and Juanvi Mas (in charge of the kitchen and hotel)


This is a prestigious award given within the Valencian community, and if won, the award would be given by the Generalitat Valenciana on the occasion of the World Tourism Day 2017.


Gastro Casa is now a recognised and respected hotel in Playa de Gandia. Their five bedrooms offer only top-quality, with the special pillows menu (from lower to higher strengths), naturally lit bedrooms, room service as well as all the appliances to fit the needs of your stay.



The Gastro Casa is also known for its gastronomy specialities. Their menu includes fresh fish and seafood dishes, as well as meat and vegetarian dishes, that will vary each day depending on what food has been chosen from the local market. Their restaurant knows how to keep the meals creative, so whenever you return, there will always be something new to try.





The World Tourism Day will be held on the 27th of September this year, where La Gastro Casa could be receiving their privileged award. You can keep up to date with their nominated category here:



If you are interested in dining or staying with La Gastro Casa, visit them at: Calle La Fotja 9, 46730, Playa de Gandia.


You can also find out more on their website:


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