La Vaca de Baco: enjoy Spain’s highest quality loin of veal…

La Vaca de Baco is an essential visit if you are in Denia.  Living up to its slogan of having “the best meat in Spain”, that’s exactly what this restaurant offers: outstanding meat dishes.


“We focus heavily on Spanish products: loin of veal and steak are our top dishes” states Diego Fuentes, who manages the restaurant. The meat comes from the avileña- black Iberian and the blond Galician which are two different breeds of cow.


Diego explains that to obtain the best possible quality they buy the loin, which weighs between 40 and 45 kilos and they then proceed to cut it with an axe. To ensure that the meat is as tender as possible they age it in the fridge for between 35 and 40 days. This process cracks fibres and softens the product that later on will be delivered to tables.


Likewise, La Vaca de Baco also offers “picaña”, a cut of meat also called “entraña” that is located under the ribs and the loin. This has become very popular with meat lovers due to its unique taste.


However, La Vaca de Baco not only offers meat per se. The “Cachopo”, a traditional meal from Asturias that consists in a breaded veal fillet stuffed with ham and cheese, can be well tasted in this restaurant.  They also serve fresh fish (mackerel, monkfish or hake) grilled or “bilbaína style”.


Since “not by meat alone does man live”, this fantastic restaurant offers some greener choices such as  tender lettuce leaves, spinach salad with blue cheese and walnuts or tomato and salmon salad.


The restaurant features products from all over Spain. You can savour the best anchovies, from Santona or the most exquisite roast suckling pig from Segovia.


“We bring to your table the best products from its native lands” says Diego.


In fact, they don’t even import Balsamic Vinegar and instead use the one from Jerez. The selection of cheeses they deliver are the “queso manchego” from Cuenca, the goat one from Valladolid and the famous cow`s cheese from Alicante.


The Spanish flag colours are proudly shown in the restaurant logo that brings to the tables the most exquisite and unique products from Spain.


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