FUE: The modern technique for hair transplant surgery

At Clinica Britannia they have the best Surgeons and Anaesthetists ready to perform hair transplant surgery in one of their leading hospitals in Alicante.


FUE is the abbreviation of the medical term “follicular unit exctraction” and is the modern technique for hair transplant surgery. This basically means that it takes out the single roots of hair.


It works without a scalpel and takes the hair roots out from the back of the head and inserts them singly in the bald area.


This procedure is done with fine hollow needles and eliminates the problem of a long scar in the back of the head.


Whilst enjoying the landscape of the Costa Blanca coast, you and your family are supported throughout the entire process by the Clinica Britannia team.


If you would like to find out about FUE or other surgeries from Clinica Britannia, visit:


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