Embark on Unforgettable Adventures with Aventura Yachts’ 38 Sport Cruise

Explore the seas in style and comfort aboard the Aventura 38 Sport Cruiser – an ideal choice for day trips with friends or family cruises. Discover the perfect vessel for your adventurous spirit.

A New Horizon in Seafaring

The Aventura 38 Sport Cruiser, a vessel that redefines adventure, beckons seafarers to chart their course through the waves. With a meticulously designed planning hull, this vessel transcends expectations, offering unparalleled experiences for both leisurely cruises and thrilling day trips.

“The A38 SC is not just a boat; it’s an expedition waiting to happen – a fusion of elegance, speed, and comfort tailored for the adventurer at heart.” – Aventura Yachts

The Model 38 SC: A Glance into Unparalleled Excursions

The Aventura 38 Sport Cruiser stands as a testament to seamless synergy between an elegant silhouette, swift outboard or inboard propulsion, remarkable spaciousness, and the safety of a catamaran.

At the helm, the A38 SC effortlessly melds speed and comfort. Powered by dual outboard engines of up to 800 horsepower, it reaches maximum speeds exceeding 35 knots. Yet, cruising at a swift 23 knots, the dual Yanmar diesel engine ensures economical performance.

Comfort and Convenience on Deck

Every aspect of this vessel is meticulously designed to enhance your comfort while sailing or anchored: a comprehensive deck layout for optimal circulation, an expansive open and ventilated deckhouse offering panoramic views, ingenious relaxation zones at bow and stern, and expansive aft platforms serving as sea-view terraces reminiscent of luxurious megayachts. Inside, two spacious cabins boasting queen-sized beds (160cm), a rarity in this vessel category, each accompanied by its own private bathroom in each hull, redefine comfort and luxury.

In summary, the Aventura 38 SC promises performance, versatility, and the joy you deserve. It’s the ideal companion for successful day trips and intimate long cruises, presenting an invitation to create unforgettable memories at sea.

Technical Specifications

Total Length: 11.60 m

Total Width (Bau): 5.30 m

Onboard Engine: 195HP / 320HP / 370HP x 2 Yanmar

Let the adventure set sail with Aventura Yachts’ 38 Sport Cruise!

Contact Details

Francois: +33 619 39 64 87

Miguel Devesa: +34 616 05 60 12


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