Aventura Yacht Spain Makes Waves at the Barcelona Boat Show

Aventura Yacht Spain’s debut at the Barcelona Boat Show with two stunning vessels, the Power My50 and 37, leaves a lasting impression. With over 200 enthusiastic visitors, the event heralded a new chapter in their maritime journey.


In the heart of the bustling Barcelona Boat Show, under the glistening Mediterranean sun, Aventura Yacht Spain embarked on a thrilling new adventure. It was a momentous occasion, as they proudly showcased two of their most remarkable vessels, the Power My50 and the sleek, nimble 37.

This marked the first-ever participation of Aventura Yachts at the prestigious event, and they certainly made a grand entrance. With their distinct blend of luxury and performance, the two catamarans turned heads and ignited a wave of excitement among boat enthusiasts.

The response was nothing short of spectacular. Over 200 visitors, captivated by the elegance and innovation of the catamarans, graced the event. It was a testament to Aventura Yacht Spain’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of nautical excellence.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Aventura Yacht Spain invites all sea lovers and adventure seekers to continue the voyage at their picturesque headquarters in the Denia Marina. Here, personalized service awaits under the expert guidance of Francisco, Miguel, Philippe y Tomás. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a curious beginner, Francisco and his team will ensure your maritime dreams set sail smoothly.


As the gentle Mediterranean breeze begins to kiss the shores, Aventura Yacht Spain gears up for the upcoming season in 2024. The winter months, referred to as the “creuse” season (November to February), serve as the perfect canvas for preparations. The team is meticulously fine-tuning every detail to ensure a spring filled with unforgettable voyages and cherished memories.

For those yearning for a serene escape or a thrilling maritime adventure, Aventura Yacht Spain is the gateway to your dreams. Whether it’s an intimate day trip along the mesmerizing Spanish coastline, a romantic sunset sail, or an exploration of hidden coves and pristine beaches, they are your compass in the Mediterranean.

With a fleet of meticulously maintained catamarans, the possibilities are endless. If the siren call of the sea beckons, all it takes is a visit to their office or a simple call. With every inquiry, they craft bespoke experiences tailored to your desires.

In the heart of the Mediterranean, where sun-kissed waters stretch to the horizon and coastal towns exude charm, Aventura Yacht Spain awaits to transform your dreams into reality. It’s not just about sailing; it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your voyage begins here.


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