Best Places to Go See the Almonds in Flower

All throughout the peninsula, there’s a natural wonder you don’t want to miss: the almonds in flower. Here are 4 locations much appreciated by locals.


Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid
At number 527 of the Madrid street of Alcalá one can escape for a few hours from the big city and enjoy this natural spectacle that anticipates spring. This huge estate, converted into a public park, has about 1,500 almond trees that bloom in the month of February. We must be careful with the dates so as not to miss this ephemeral event.



Garrovillas de Alconétar, Cáceres
Legend has it that the king of these lands married a northern princess. As she longed for the snow, the monarch had many almond trees planted next to the palace so that, at least for a few days a year, the landscape reminded her of her homelands. This Extremaduran town celebrates every year the Almond Flower Show, a day party with excursions, food tastings and music. The municipality of this town has a Facebook page where you can check the date of this event.



Valley of the Pop, Alicante
Alicante is a land of nougat thanks to its huge expanses of almond groves. In this valley of the Marina Alta is the town of Alcalalí which celebrates every year the flowering with routes for hikers, craft fairs, photographic marathon or pastissos contest – typical sweets of the area made with almonds.



Filabres-Alhamilla, Almería
This Andalusian region includes a series of villages that every February pay homage to this flowering with the Almond Flower Routes and the Almond Gastronomic Days, which this year begin on the 4th. Every weekend there are activities that end with a party at the end of the month. Lubrin, Lucainena de las Torres, Sorbas, Uleila del Campo, Castro de Filabres or Alcudia de Monteagud are some of the towns that join this tribute.



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