Home Design: 6 Great Sofa Ideas from Maranda

Maranda furniture showroom selects great quality furniture and and also offers space, ambiance, lighting and interior solutions.


They have an extensive collection of sofas of all shapes, sizes and structures, and here are only a few of their top choices for your living room.


In Modules

It’s important to be able to easily adapt the shape of your space according to your needs, and modular couches are a great option, as you can build the sofa by simply moving around the stand alone elements.


In Style

A contemporary interior goes great with a Chesterfield accent, just as well as a more classical living room can receive the playful shapes of contemporary design. No matter the style, buttons always add a luxury touch to your interior.


For Higher Comfort

At Maranda you can choose among several models of extendable or adjustable couches. For extra storage space, for turning the sofa into a guest bed or just for enhancing its comfort, the options, as well as the finishes, are very generous.


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