Some Spanish Smart Ideas for Cars

Digital accident management, sale of spare parts online, insurance for shared cars… these are just a few of the solutions for future mobility that young Spanish companies offer today.



If we talk about Spanish startups (emerging companies with a certain technological nature) that have to do with the world of motor, perhaps the first that comes to mind is Cabify, the digital platform of car rental with driver that has become a success story and was recently acquired by the French car rental company Europcar. However, there are other entrepreneurial companies in the world of driving whose model works and triumphs.



Honest Onlins Sales with CLICARS
A young company that seeks to revolutionize the sale of second hand cars through its platform and using honesty as a rule: they indicate which are the problems that each vehicle has which generate greater confidence in the buyer. The startup has already received several awards: prize for the emerging company by RTVE, second place as best Spanish startup in the Ecommerce Awards 2017 and its inclusion in the Top 100 of innovative companies in the South Summit.



Digital Handle of Traffic Accidents with CARCRASH
Digitization reaches traffic accidents with Carcrash. This innovative company formed by lawyers specialized in traffic accidents is dedicated to process compensation and ensures that it will not charge a penny until the client does not charge what he claims. They announce in their web a 99% of successes until now.



Easy Car Rental with DRIVY
Drivy offers the same as a car rental service online, but for owners who do not use their car a lot of money. The operation is simple, once we have selected the car and the day of delivery will be with the owner of the vehicle to proceed with the signing of the contract. The platform already has over 5,000 vehicles in Spain and has been expanding throughout Europe, offers comprehensive insurance, verification that advertisers are reliable and secure payment of services.



Buying Spare Parts Online with ENDADO

As the sale of spare parts and spare parts for automobiles has also been growing in the world of electronic commerce, Endado is an online store that seeks to differentiate itself from the competition by caring for the customer experience with personalized attention, original spare parts and a return policy that guarantees that the sale is reliable.




Solutions for Electric Vehicles with WALLBOX
This company based in Barcelona is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of charging solutions for electric vehicles. It was selected as the winning startup of the South Summit 2017 for its commitment to sustainable transport through the simplicity of use of its recharging devices: Wallbox Commander and WallboxPulsar, small size chargers that are compatible with any model of electric car or hybrid vehicle pluggable and adaptable to all domestic electrical installations; and the Cooper charger, which incorporates technology such as facial recognition and intelligent adjustment.




Cover image: Wikipedia, Night view from Calle de Alcalá (street) in Madrid (Spain). At the centre, Metropolis Building (1911). At the right, Gran Vía (street).


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