Bennett & Co Latest Refurbishment: Casa Luna Spa

About Bennett & Co

Bennett & Co is dedicated to transforming basic materials into extraordinary constructions. Founded with the goal of unifying design, architecture, and renovation, they create efficient and valuable investments for their clients. As a boutique firm, Bennett & Co emphasizes the uniqueness of their constructions, achieved by synthesizing basic materials with expert craftsmanship and precise execution. Their strength lies in adapting investments to projects and vice versa, ensuring quality and value. Service, communication, and transparency are the core of their business, providing clients with confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire renovation process.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living at Casa Luna Spa

The renovation of Casa Luna Spa by Bennett & Co perfectly exemplifies their commitment to excellence. Located in the heart of Marbesa, Costa del Sol, this standout project blends indoor and outdoor living spaces, offering a luxurious escape. Bennett & Co created new entrances to enhance accessibility, allowing easy navigation around the property. Expanded terraces now seamlessly connect to the bathing areas, providing a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Additionally, the rooftop access offers breathtaking sea views, significantly boosting the property’s value.

Poolside Paradise

The centerpiece of Casa Luna Spa is undeniably the pool. Originally positioned at the side of the house, Bennett & Co relocated the pool to the front, making it directly accessible from the living room. This new placement fosters a direct connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

Ultimate Relaxation Zones

Retaining the original pool structure, Bennett & Co added a chill-out area and jacuzzi. These features are complemented by a service area including a barbecue, enhancing recreational activities. The addition of a gym, spa, and hammam further transforms Casa Luna Spa into a haven of wellness and luxury, making outdoor spaces more enjoyable and accessible.Spacious and Illuminated Interiors

Expanding the living room and kitchen by removing the separating wall was one of the major challenges. Bennett & Co expertly executed this change to create a spacious area for gatherings and relaxation, comparable to the inviting outdoor spaces. Structural reinforcements ensured the maximum possible height, while thoughtful ambient lighting enhanced the overall atmosphere.

Contact Bennett & Co for Your Villa Transformation

Casa Luna Spa exemplifies the dedication and expertise of Bennett & Co in creating dream spaces. Their systematic approach and personalized procedures ensure each client’s needs are met with precision. If you’re interested in transforming your villa, contact Bennett & Co. Their passionate team will tailor every detail to your needs, ensuring a perfect renovation experience.

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Address: S. Jose Cubero Yiyo, 1 Fuengirola, Málaga

Tel: + 34 604 429 420





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