Bennet & Co: Transforming Villa Pazamor into a Jewel of the Costa del Sol

In the idyllic Cala de Mijas, stands Villa Pazamor, an ancient architectural treasure that languished in the shadows. However, thanks to the ingenuity and vision of Bennet & Co, this home has undergone an impressive metamorphosis, becoming a modern and luminous retreat.

Elizabeth, one of the project leaders, tells us how this adventure began in 2022 when a British couple entrusted their team to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the villa.

“Villa Pazamor was a traditional spanish villa, dysfunctional and dark,” says Elizabeth. “Our main goal was to give it new life, optimizing its functionality and connecting its spaces with the breathtaking views and exterior areas”.

The project started with the drafting of plans in June 2022, and by September of the same year, everything was ready and budgeted. “Having our own construction company allowed us to work on the project and the construction simultaneously, which allowed us to Taylor de Project according to the budget and adjust details,” explains Elizabeth.

The transformation was radical. From the darkness and disconnect of the interior and exterior spaces, the villa now radiates luminosity and harmony. The pool, once traditional and enclosed, was expanded and restructured to integrate perfectly with the surroundings, as was the garden. In addition, other important reforms were carried out, such as the complete renovation of the carpentry and the installation of a centralized air conditioning system for greater comfort.

“We opted for minimalist architecture, with neutral colors that enhance the brightness of the space,” says Elizabeth. “Every detail was carefully thought out to maximize the user experience and highlight the sea views.”

The distribution of the villa also underwent significant changes. From preserving the living room but opening it towards the pool, to incorporating a new room in place of the old kitchen, each modification was designed to improve functionality and enjoyment of the space.

One of the highlights is the master bedroom, which now features an open bathroom offering panoramic views of the sea. “It was a challenge to convince the clients of this idea, but once they saw the potential, they were delighted,” comments Elizabeth. “It’s truly spectacular, especially the shower, which is enclosed with glass at half height, allowing you to enjoy the landscape while showering.”

The transformation of Villa Pazamor, carried out by Bennett & Co, is a testament to the power of architecture and design to radically change a space. From its restructuring, every detail has been designed to create a home that combines luxury, comfort, and connection with the natural surroundings. Undoubtedly, this jewel of the Costa del Sol will continue to dazzle its visitors for many years to come.

Are you ready to experience the breathtaking transformation of Villa Pazamor on the stunning Costa del Sol?

This villa is available for vacation rental. Visit @villa_pazamor to learn more about it!

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