Your Home Styling: Bringing Sustainable Danish Design to Your Home

At Your Home Styling, we take pride in being the official retailer of UMAGE, a renowned Danish design brand dedicated to sustainability. UMAGE’s ethos revolves around creating flexible, high-quality designs inspired by Nordic traditions, ensuring beautiful functionality is accessible to all.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

UMAGE is at the forefront of environmental responsibility, acknowledging that while selling furniture and lighting can never be entirely sustainable, every effort counts. Through a collaboration with NGOs like One Tree Planted, UMAGE plants a tree for every wooden design sold, contributing to reforestation efforts worldwide.

Durable Quality Materials

Choosing durable materials is paramount to UMAGE’s sustainability ethos. By opting for high-quality materials, UMAGE ensures the longevity of its designs, allowing you to lead a sustainable lifestyle while minimizing environmental impact.

Versatility and Flexibility

UMAGE designs prioritize versatility and flexibility, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to changing preferences. With interchangeable elements, you can effortlessly refresh your interior without the need to purchase entirely new furniture, thereby conserving precious resources.

Horizons Project: Recycling for a Sustainable Future

UMAGE’s Horizons Project exemplifies its commitment to sustainability by using 100% recycled textiles in its designs. These textiles, sourced from plastic waste, are transformed into comfortable chairs and charming cabinets, contributing to a circular economy.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel Certification

The Dunes collection from Sørensen Leather, a part of UMAGE’s upholstery collection, holds the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This certification ensures that the collection meets rigorous environmental standards throughout its lifecycle, promoting eco-friendly consumption.

Responsible Feathers for the Eos Collection

UMAGE ensures the ethical sourcing of feathers for its Eos feather lamp collection, with all goose feathers being 100% sustainably sourced and certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Flat-Packed Designs

UMAGE prioritizes eco-friendly packaging and flat-packed designs to minimize environmental impact during transportation. By utilizing recyclable materials and eliminating plastic waste, UMAGE demonstrates its commitment to sustainability from production to delivery.

Repair and Replace: Extending the Lifespan of Designs

All UMAGE designs are designed with recyclability in mind, allowing for the separation of key elements for recycling purposes. Additionally, worn parts can be easily replaced, further extending the lifespan of each design and reducing waste.

In our next article, we’ll delve into UMAGE’s stunning lamp collection, exploring how they marry exquisite design with environmental responsibility. Stay tuned for more insights into sustainable Danish design at Your Home Styling.


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