Wear your beautiful pearls from Tahiti, the French Polynesia

Art E Perlas is a prestigious jewellery shop based in the area of Altea, Alicante, that creates masterpiece jewellery made in Tahiti, the French Polynesia, with their pearls originally coming from the Gambier Islands.



Their products are made up of unique pearls of different colours, styles and forms, which are originally created naturally inside the oyster. They work with the Tahitian pearl (or the “black pearl” as many call them), which derives its name from the Pinctada Margaratifera mollusk, known as the black lip oyster which is only cultivated in the French Polynesia, in the oyster farms around Tahiti.


These types of pearls come in a range of colours, and have under/overtones of green, pink, blue, silver, dark grey, violet and peacock colours (very rare).



Their pearls are of the highest quality, and are used to create necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. They put the pearls with silver, to create beautiful masterpieces, which they sell at their store in Altea (or from their new website which will be open from mid-July, or ).


Their shop is just tucked away in the old town of Altea, Alicante. You can find them at: Calle el Sol 4.



The service is completely personal, as you can make appointments with the staff at the shop, or even receive a home service, where they will show you their products and offer any advice and help with their expertise.



They offer several types of styles, including modern and classic, and create the work to suit any personality or style.














They also sell clothing in their store, which comes from two prestigious designers; from Valencia and Italy. The clothes they offer have a “Boho chic” style, and are created and distributed from Europe. The clothes either have a typical Valencian style; short dress with patterns, or longer, summer dresses by designers in Italy. Art E Perlas helps to support the environment too by selling clothes made from organic materials.


The price of the pearl jewellery at Art E Perla starts from 95 euros, and the clothing from 50 euros.




If you wish to make an appointment with Art E Perlas, or find out more information, please call: +34 696 12 73 94, or email: Alternatively, you can find out more on their Facebook page: @arteperlas



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