Vall de Pop Restaurant: Spring’s Culinary Canvas

Amidst the blooming almond trees and verdant terraces of the Jalón Valley, Vall de Pop Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary creativity. This spring, under the guidance of Belgian chef Wout Sassen, the restaurant unveils a menu that is a true homage to the fertile lands that surround it. With Chef Sassen at the helm, known for his dedication to locally sourced ingredients and his flair for combining Mediterranean traditions with contemporary twists, Vall de Pop offers a dining experience that is both authentic and innovative.

Seasonal Beginnings

Spring’s arrival is celebrated with starters that awaken the senses. The Beetroot Carpaccio, paired with the peppery bite of arugula and the tang of horseradish cream, offers a vibrant opening act. The Garden Salad captures the essence of the season, while the Burata with tomato vinaigrette melds creamy textures with the crunch of almonds and the warmth of za’atar.

The Heart of the Harvest

The mains are a testament to the restaurant’s ethos, featuring the freshest catch and local harvests. The Monkfish Casserole with artichokes is a nod to the valley’s bountiful sea, while the Cod with vadouvan, cauliflower, and black rice brings a global infusion to the table. For those who favor the land, the Beef Tenderloin with wasabi peas and Teriyaki offers a symphony of robust flavors.

Signature Delights

A Vall de Pop signature, the cocas de Dacsa, epitomizes spring’s exuberance. Toppings like the lively blend of Guacamole, chili con carne, and pineapple creme on traditional flatbreads showcase a playful and inventive use of local ingredients. They also offer the signature traditional yet innovated dishes of arroz negra, brimming with seafood delights.

Desserts in Bloom

Conclude with the artistry of desserts like the whimsical Cakepops or the Apple Tartlet, each a celebration of spring’s sweetness and the chef’s imaginative approach to classic flavors.

At Vall de Pop, every dish is a brushstroke on the valley’s springtime canvas, a gastronomic journey curated by Chef Wout Sassen’s passion and expertise. Here, in the heart of Jalón Valley, guests are not just diners but participants in a seasonal feast that delights and inspires.


Contact details

Cami La Bassa 20, 03729, Lliber, Alicante

+34 657 716 425



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