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Let’s be honest: the Spanish tax system is complicated and cumbersome. You have to present lots of different papers, you have to declare every economic movement and a mere mistake can cost you dearly. And if you are self-employed, prepare to present a whole festival of documents almost monthly. If all this is complicated for a Spanish person, what happens to foreigners who have properties in Spain? Trust in Taxes in Spain and you can forget about Hacienda (the Spanish Tax Agency) with tranquillity.


Did you know that if you have a property in Spain you have to pay taxes every year, even if it has not generated any benefits? Yes, this is bad news. But even worse news are the fines that can be imposed for not paying the corresponding taxes, even if it is due to ignorance. As an accredited partner for the Spanish Tax Agency, Taxes in Spain are authorized to file and sign tax returns and pay taxes for third parties. And this is especially useful when the owner is not in the country. That is the main task of Taxes in Spain: to take care of the tax matters of the people who are not-tax residents of Spain but who own one or more properties in the country.



It is somewhat complicated for the profane, but let’s speak in simple words. If you have a property in Spain, you have to pay taxes annually to the Spanish Tax Agency for the mere fact of being the owner. Non-residents in the country must submit the “Model 210″ to pay the ” impuesto sobre la renta de no residentes sin establecimiento permanente”, that is, the income tax of non-residents without a permanent establishment. If you bought a home this year, you have until December 31 of next year to pay the corresponding tax. As we said, it is somewhat complicated, but Taxes in Spain is here to help you. Jon W. Olsen is a social partner of the Spanish Tax Agency since 2005 and is authorized to sign tax returns and pay taxes for third parties. That is, this business is authorized to manage your efforts if you are not a Spanish resident. As simple as that!


But how does the Taxes in Spain system work? To start go to their website and you will find a simple tool that will instantly offer you a free estimate of the taxes that you have to pay. For this, you should have your council tax receipt to hand and complete the form. In this receipt you will find the amount of the public tax value (the “valor catastral”) and the property reference number (the “referencia catastral”). With these data you will know the approximate value of the taxes that you will have to pay as a non-resident owner in Spain. The next step is to get in touch with Taxes in Spain’s agents so that they can guide you through the complicated process of Spanish taxes.



If you have problems with the Spanish Tax Agency, get in touch with Taxes in Spain today. They will manage all your needs through the email You can also call their agents through the telephone numbers +34 928 518 817 and +34 606 595 140. If you prefer to visit the office personally, it is located at 2 Azores Street, in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote). Consult more information about their complete services on their website (, their Facebook profile ( and their Twitter (


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