Sustainable Ideas in the Spotlight: Stylish Furniture in Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking to explore the different and the exclusive, then we invite you today to enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the natural shapes of solid teak and suar wood. And how they can be turned into great pieces of furniture for your home.


This superb collection from García Mobles comprises recycled pieces of wood, from pieces of roots to grandiose slates. All the pieces retain their naturally-occurring characteristics meaning that every object is singularly unique. It also means that every object has its small ‘perfect imperfections’ that give the true charm to the furniture.



Embracing the imperfections of the materials used, the pieces turn into spectacular furniture, as the irregularity of the contour, the drawing of the wood fibers, the nodes and the variations in colour give, to the finish product, the original look, setting it apart from the rest. The two exotic, tropical essences of reclaimed wood that are used in this furniture collection, the suar and the teak, are both well known and acclaimed for their quality, durability and versatility that gives complete freedom to artists, carpenters and designers to turn the wood into something incredible.




The collection blends pieces in untreated, rough teak roots, used as low table bases and stools, with solid wood slates like this one above for the impressive Suar Table. Also, smaller pieces are used to create the furniture structures for sofas and chairs, with straight lines, curved designs or minimalist looks. And, as the designers themselves say, the inspiration for this collection comes, mostly, from travelling constantly around the world, in the search of new manufacturing processes, technologies and inspiring materials and, above all, of the new ideas that will eventually shape the future pieces.



Mixing finishing techniques and using black or white paint; playing with the shape of the rough piece of wood and enjoying its natural beauty; also enjoying the result of a long process of turning it into a completely abstract geometric design – all these various and versatile approaches ensure a perfect balance of the overall collection.



The rustic and the contemporary design merge completely here, and each design bears a powerful personality that cherishes nature’s great designs while also creating perfectly finished, contemporary and stylish handmade counterpoints.



Another essential element of the collection is the use of iron, thus expanding the use of reclaimed teak wood in about anything you need for your interior or garden – from outdoor chairs, tables and loungers to interior cabinets, sideboards and cupboards, seating and bedroom furniture.





García Mobles is well established with 36 years of family history and extensive experience in providing high quality furniture. They take pride on serving customers from Spain as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium or France.

For more on García Mobles, visit their website:

or visit them at Avda. Lepanto 42, Benitachell, Alicante

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