Kitchen Designs with High Modular Flexibility from Arrital Valencia

A symphony of shapes, surfaces and materials to satisfy the taste of the ones appreciating high design. Innovation, design and respect for the environment. These are the main themes behind any design from Arrital Valencia. Today, we are delighted to present a contemporary model that perfectly blends ultra performant materials with joyful colours and solid wood accents.


Arrital Valencia, exclusive distributor of Arrital Cucine from Italy, design unique spaces for each of their customers, assigning the models, the materials and the colours according to space, necessities, overall design and budget. Their unique concept called Materioteka is “the place where thinking and matter become a project”. And from the Arrital Cucine models, one of the most versatile is the following: AK_04.



AK_04 is a modern project that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials, designed by Arch. Franco Driusso. The contemporary, minimalist design with ultra clean lines and perfect surfaces is achieved by combining state of the art materials and finishes with high end production technology. The doors of Ak_04 are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminium frame: lightweight, solid, slim, enhancing the value of the kitchen combined with 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels.

The doors are available in a range of exterior finishes, from solid wood to Corian® and Fenix Ntm®, a latest generation material treated using nanotechnological techniques, making the surface extremely compact and waterproof, with a soft-touch and smudge-proof effect. Moreover, satin-polished extra-clear and tempered glass, numerous glossy, matt and oxidised lacquered colours, a professional door with stainless steel and porcelain grès panel.




Some of the Main Features of AK_04 Model

Contrasting Table in Solid Wood

The table and snack bench, in contrast with the island, are Oak veneered with nodes and notches, available in different colours. The introduction of these elements allows a series of functions not necessarily linked to cooking, in a single dynamic environment, featuring high-level interaction.



Tall Wall

The available space allows the integration of numerous operating systems. The tall units can house built-in appliances such as fridges and ovens, which can be linked with other high-performing systems such as steam ovens, blast chillers, vacuum machines, coffee machines and wine cellars. The remaining compartments can be personalised with storage systems, pull-out shelves and innovative lighting systems.




Wall Unit Opening Features

The available wall units with manual or electric touch opening mechanism complete the kitchen space, increasing its storage capacity. The opening mechanisms facilitate vertical or horizontal door movement depending on the customer’s request, providing the user with simple, fast access to housing compartments.



For more details, visit the website of Arrital Valencia.


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