Spain rescues migrants from smugglers’ boat trying to cross Mediterranean

Migrants were said to be found by the Strait of Gibraltar, when they were saved by the Spanish maritime rescue service over the weekend.

The Spanish Maritime Rescue Service is said to have saved 54 migrants, including 13 women and two babies on Saturday. Earlier in the weekend, there was also another migrant rescue, after more than another thousand people were found trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Other rescue services have saved many more migrants over the weekend too.

The migrants arrived at the port in Malaga on Saturday, and some of those on board were taken to hospital Saturday evening after being found in poor conditions.

The worst recent migrant-boat related accident happened back in 2015, when a migrant boat carrying up to 950 people capsized in the Mediterranean, causing many injuries and deaths. After that, Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, pledged to give more resources to help aid migrants traversing the Mediterranean. Rajoy reportedly said that “words won’t do anymore,” and said “we have to act.”

Although the numbers of migrants risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean have fallen since last year, this is still an on-going issue, and authorities over several European countries are asking to give more aid countries in need, to reduce the risk of people trying to migrate in dangerous conditions across the sea.

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