Quique Dacosta: Unveiling New Flavors and Ventures in 2024

Quique Dacosta Restaurant is nestled in the picturesque town of Dénia and distinguished by its three Michelin Stars, and ranking as number 20 in in the World’s Best Restaurants.  This esteemed establishment is a paragon of culinary innovation and gastronomic excellence. This 2024, they unveil a series of thrilling advancements.


The Unveiling of “Por Amor al Arte II”
This season, Quique Dacosta and his team have outdone themselves with the launch of the “Por Amor al Arte II” menu. This new offering is a culmination of a creative and meticulous process, showcasing a commitment to quality and innovation. The menu, characterized by its bold flavors and artistic presentation, is complemented by the expertise of sommelier José Antonio Navarrete, whose wine pairings elevate the dining experience to new heights.

A Fuego: Bringing Dacosta’s Kitchen Home
In a move that brings Quique Dacosta’s culinary genius into home kitchens, the “A Fuego” line has been launched. This selection of ready-to-cook rice dishes features the high-quality, wood-smoked Albufera Rice (D.O. València) and includes everything needed to prepare a gourmet meal in minutes. “A Fuego” is not only a testament to convenience and quality but also serves as a perfect gift for those who appreciate fine dining.

Literary Culinary Exploration: “The Red Prawn Book”
Adding to the culinary discourse, “The Red Prawn Book” co-authored by Quique Dacosta, Joan Roca, and Benjamín Lana, explores the significance of the red prawn in Mediterranean cuisine. The book is a treasure trove of recipes, insights, and stories, celebrating this emblematic ingredient of Dénia’s gastronomy.

Dacosta’s Culinary Empire: Beyond Dénia
Quique Dacosta’s influence extends beyond the confines of his flagship restaurant. In Valencia, “El Poblet” holds two acclaimed Michelin Stars – providing a taste of Dacosta’s inventive cuisine with a nod to Valencian traditions. On the other hand, “Vuelve Carolina” and “Llisa negra” offer a casual yet refined dining experience.

Madrid boasts the elegance of Dacosta’s offerings at the Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Madrid, with “Deessa” holding 2 Michelin Stars as well, accolades for its innovative dishes. London’s “ArrosQD” merges the warmth of Spanish hospitality with the city’s cosmopolitan vibe, offering a unique take on rice dishes and more.

As Quique Dacosta continues to expand his culinary repertoire, each restaurant, book, and product reflects his dedication to excellence, innovation, and the celebration of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Contact Details

Address: C/ Rascassa, 1 Urb. El Poblet, 03700 Denia , Spain

Reservations: +34 965 784 179


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