Quique Dacosta: The Incredible Michelin-Star Restaurant on the Costa Blanca

Located on the stunning Costa Blanca, Quique Dacosta Restaurante stands as a radiant beacon of haute cuisine, a culinary gem in the heart of the Mediterranean. The journey of Quique Dacosta, a chef who melds his Extremaduran roots with a passionate love for Valencia, commenced in 1986—a year that marked the birth of a legend in contemporary cuisine. Since then, his unwavering dedication and boundless passion for the art of cooking have transformed what was once known as El Poblet into a pilgrimage site for gastronomy enthusiasts worldwide.

Quique Dacosta is not just a chef; he is an tireless artist who uses the kitchen as his canvas and ingredients as his palette. Each dish that emerges from his kitchen is a masterpiece, a symphony of flavors that sings the song of the Mediterranean and Montgó Natural Park. The restaurant is a temple of culinary excellence, where perfection is the norm, and where Quique, with his culinary magic wand, transforms simple ingredients into creations that challenge the imagination.

Quique Dacosta’s restaurant has been honored with Michelin stars, a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation. But it is more than that; it is a place where each dish is a narrative, where ingredients are the characters, and the kitchen is the stage. Dining here is embarking on a journey of discovery, a tale of land, sea, and history that unfolds with every bite.


The Costa Blanca, with its rich and diverse culinary heritage, serves as Quique Dacosta’s muse. Each dish is an ode to the region, a celebration of its flavors, colors, and aromas. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients are transformed into creations that awaken the senses and nourish the soul.

Quique Dacosta’s creativity is fueled by his profound respect for culinary tradition and his passion for innovation. Each visit to the restaurant is a unique spectacle, an experience where food and art harmoniously intertwine. The aesthetics of his dishes are as stunning as their taste, and their presentation is an expression of his love for beauty in all aspects of life.

At Quique Dacosta Restaurante, diners not only satisfy their appetite but also nourish their souls with art and creativity. Each dish is a surprise, a revelation, an invitation to explore new dimensions of flavors and textures. Tasting becomes a sensory journey, where each plate is a chapter in the book of the culinary experience.

Carefully selected wines complement the gastronomic experience, further enhancing the pleasure of the meal. The service is impeccable, attentive, and personalized, making the evening truly unforgettable.


In the enchanting realm of Quique Dacosta Restaurante, a harmonious blend of passion, creativity, and innovation comes together to craft a culinary experience that is sublime. With every visit, patrons pay homage to the art of gastronomy and revel in the beauty of dining. Here, Chef Quique Dacosta, a master of his craft, infuses life into the Costa Blanca and Montgó Natural Park through every exquisite dish. Undeniably, it is a destination that beckons every connoisseur of fine cuisine, a place where food metamorphoses into poetry, and the art of culinary mastery achieves its zenith.


Contact details:

Address: C/ Rascassa, 1 Urb. El Poblet, 03700 Denia , Spain

Reservations: +34 965 784 179




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