Puerto Blanco Restaurant: 3 Haute Cuisine Designs

Right in the heart of the beautiful city of Calpe, Puerto Blanco restaurant offers an original, haute cuisine concept, created with high quality, local and seasonal ingredients. The design of the restaurant is also emphasizing on local atmosphere – with its exotic garden, filled with plants, surrounding the tables on the terrace, and a beautiful lagoon, as central element. 




Also, Puerto Blanco is the place where the chefs openly share their best kept secrets. They explain their choices and the philosophy behind each plate, and also show us every step they take in order to complete their beautiful and tasty compositions. Here is a selection of 3 dishes from their menu and the Puerto Blanco way to creating the composition of these plates, using specific and spectacular tools, such as pincers, brushes or open flame.



Mushroom Tartar with Truffles and Low Temperature Cooked Egg


A great choice for appetizer, this dish is a beautiful combination of vegetables laid on a layer of minced mushrooms tartar.

The carefully chosen textures complement each other and the colours are completed by the edible flowers, a delicate chromatic touch present in most of Puerto Blanco’s creations. In order to obtain the aspect, the chef works with pincers to ensure the precision of placement, especially when it comes to flowers.




Sturgeon with Celery Puree, Champagne Salsa and Julienne Vegetables

A plate for the main course, this sturgeon, previously grilled, is accompanied by celery puree, that acts as a base for the composition of the plate.

The julienne vegetables are cooked in vapour and placed between the pieces of fish, to enhance the contrast of textures. There’s also an original touch, this time achieved with a brush – the plankton, used for its nice green colour as well as for its delicate marine taste that complements the flavours of the grilled fish.





Lobster Croquettes

These fried breadcrumb balls filled with lobster and flavourful ingredients are crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside and served with complementing sauces, greens and edible flowers that enhance their taste and texture.






Check the website of Puerto Blanco Restaurant in Calpe, for more information and reservations:

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