Oustau Restaurant: Original Dining Menu, with a Twist

The name Oustau comes from the Provençal French word maison, with roots in the Latin hospitality – hospitalis, and translates into posada, in Spanish – inn, in English. Oustau Restaurant is a place renowned for its hospitality, as well as for its creativity in matters of fine dining.

The owner, Olivier Burri, dynamic restaurateur who runs, since 20 years, one of the most popular, elegant and iconic restaurants in the area of Altea, explains the concept behind Oustau: “I’ve worked and pursued on a daily basis for the innovation, creativity and quality of our dishes to be the house brand, a house in which I hope the visitor feels as his own.”


The location of Oustau is also special. The building hosting the restaurant is more than 200 year old, and it is located right in front of the town’s cathedral, thus the views from inside Oustau are simply magnificent and encompass the very essence of Altea: narrow streets with white houses and lots of vegetation, including the luxuriant Bougainvillea spreading the pink and violet shades all over the city, and the Mediterranean with its spectacular atmosphere and stunning coast line.



In the very center of this beautiful Iberian story, Oustau restaurant welcomes its guest with another original story: the dining story. The menu, based upon surprising associations in flavours and textures, is highlighted by names as delightful as their taste. There are many film references one can read in the menu which, besides making the reading far more attractive, manage to catch the very essence of the dish.



The section of main dishes includes, for instance, a choice of sirloins, among which a Love Story – beef sirloin with strawberry sauce, a Snow White – steak with mushrooms, or an Al Pacino – sirloin with jamón and cheese gratin. The prawns with garlic are, for instance, named Dr. Jivago. The salmon with mustard sauce – Captain Nemo, while the Curry Salmon Fillet with Apple, due to its shape on the plate – Little Mermaid. Or the duck breast with raspberry vinegar – Liza Minelli. There is also a Mission Impossible in this story, coming in the shape of blinis topped with prawns and countepointed by minced dill. This is a combination that mixes various tastes from various parts of Europe (blinis, for instance, are the traditional Russian pancakes) in a completely new and stunning taste.



As for desserts, the list includes, among several other choices, their homemade panacota – the Kiss of Kim Bassinger, or Baqueira-Beret – a “mountain” of crêpe with white chocolate ice cream, black chocolate and topped up with coconut.




For more information, check the website of Oustau restaurant:

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