Pepe & Andersson: Discover the Power of Scandinavian Style Beds in Moraira.

The quality of sleep that comes with Scandinavian-style beds will change your life. Uncover the luxury collection of handmade beds that Pepe & Andersson have to offer.



Pepe & Andersson, Calle Cabo Salou 2, Moraira



As the focal point of any bedroom, shouldn’t your bed be a statement in itself? 


Did you know that better sleep quality improves your memory, focus, relieves stress, and optimal blood pressure? Plus, a good night’s sleep also leads to increased productivity in your everyday life and also makes you more likely to have better relationships, and improved workouts. 


Newly opened since April, Pepe & Andersson has set up in Moraira with their exciting range of handmade authentic Scandinavian beds. The company is well-established in the industry as an expert in rest and relaxation, standing out from the competition due to their unmatched quality of beds and mattresses that you’re unlikely to come across elsewhere. 





Notice the Difference of Scandinavian Sleeping


Made according to the old Scandinavian tradition, bed mattresses and upholstery are inserted by hand so that all the materials stay in place.


The definition of Scandinavian sleeping means sleeping on a box spring bed. Traditionally, people in Scandinavia sleep on a box spring. Initially, they’re constructed on a sprung box with a headboard, and then on a 3-layer system, with a box spring, pocket spring mattress, and a headboard. 


The use of good, solid materials is of great importance for the quality of the box spring. Our box springs consist of solid wood and also come with a 25-year warranty. The pocket springs used are thermally strengthened so that they provide the right support for a good night’s sleep for many years to come. Our toppers are also upholstered and available in various, well-ventilated materials.


Not only will these handmade beds immensely improve your sleep quality, but they will also give a touch of class and elegance to any bedroom.


Types of Models


The box springs from their Scandinavian Sleeping collection are of high quality, as well as affordable. 


Pepe & Andersson’s in-store collection consists of the following models:


  • Grand XL

Spring-loaded box, one-piece pocket spring mattress, HR cold foam topper



  • Deluxe

Pocket sprung box, 7-zone pocket spring mattress in one piece, HR cold foam topper



  • Gallant

Pocket sprung box, 5-zone one-piece mattress with double layer pocket springs, Clima latex topper with wool and cotton silk



  • Magus Box Bed

Storage box with Bonell spring, pocket spring mattresses, and HR cold foam topper



All their beds are available in various sizes and many fabrics and colours.

A high-quality box spring Grand XL is already available in 180×200 for € 1749,- with a 25-year warranty on spring breakage and wooden construction.






All their beds are handmade in Northern European sizes. On request, they can adapt your bed to suit all of your requirements.


So give them a call or visit them in Moraira as it pays to get the best sleep and nowhere else can provide this other than Pepe & Andersson.




Contact Details:

Pepe &Andersson

Calle Cabo  Salou 2,

Moraira 03724.

 from Monday to Saturday from

10.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Phone: 965 27 04 52 or 611014164




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