Now available the new tasting menu at Zahara that is already a success.

Summer has come to an end but Zahara Restaurant still has many surprises in store for the new season, such as the exciting new tasting menu. One of the best methods to expand your palate and indulge yourself with a range of exciting sensations is through a tasting menu so forget all about difficult-dish decision-making – the new top tasting menu at Zahara will give you the chance to wine and dine on the best dishes.




Are you ready to take the plunge? It is already a success and this week we are going to present you with all of its dishes through this website and our Facebook and Instagram posts.



Pressed wild mushrooms with the black truffle with miso and champagne reduction.


This delicious dish compiles one of the best seasonal recipes by bringing the full flavour of autumn to your mouth with this tasty dish of wild seasonal mushrooms. The versatile and unique black truffle enhances the flavour of these exquisite mushrooms and the miso reduction and champagne finally turn this dish into a gourmet delicacy.



Swordfish with trout caviar and passion fruit.



This is simply a seafood delight, it is a very fine cut of swordfish that gives a delicious and very soft taste and together with the trout caviar and the passion fruit give it a unique explosive and very tasty flavour. Only suitable for most sybarites.



Blue Lobster with scallops in kaffir lime Menier.


Blue lobster is renowned for its firm and refreshing flesh which is just as delicious eaten cold as it is hot, making it one of the most favoured seafood. The subtle and light flavour of the scallop contrasts perfectly with the kaffir lime making it a dish not to be missed.



Suckling lamb confit in Pedro Ximenez sauce.


Juicy and tender suckling lamb meat confit with the exquisite sweet taste that confers the Pedro Ximenez sauce that any dish with this type of wine will be delicious.



English style pie of Galician blonde beef with black beer.


Finally, before the sweet end of this delicious menu, we have this dish that is so visually appealing and so tasty on the inside. The stuffing is neither more nor less than one of the best meats in the world, namely “Galician Blonde Beef”.


It is a meat that stands out for its intense and pleasant flavour with extraordinary tenderness, juiciness and succulence. In short, it is meat for exquisite and demanding palates that seek unique and special sensations in beef.



And what would all this delicacy be without a nice glass of wine to accompany it? Well, one of the most remarkable things about this menu apart from the obvious that we have shown above is the wine tasting included as the wine tasting is included in the price, so you have another reason to try it and not be left with the desire to taste it after seeing their succulent dishes in this article.


Now you’re probably wondering about the sweet ending because for many of us, dessert is the best part of any meal. Well, you will not be disappointed by tasting what’s coming below.



Black and white cocoa truffle with a surprise centre.


This tasty bonbon is born to satisfy your double craving for truffle chocolate. It’s an indulgent end to your perfect dinner.



Dare to try it any day of the week, don’t forget that Zahara also offers a different menu del dia every day for only 19,90 €.


The tasting menu available for any day of the week is €34,50 per person with a minimum of two. Book your table on their website or by calling the number below.







Marina de denia

Puerto Deportivo

+34 965 784 902




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