From MAY to November, Gibraltar to India – BREXIT

Acting prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy welcomed Theresa May on Thursday at the Moncloa Palace; and it was the new prime minister’s first visit to Madrid since David Cameron resigned after the leave vote won. The two leaders met ahead of their working lunch and took a stroll through the gardens of the Moncloa.


Everyone from British politicians to foreign governments want to know the answer, but May’s officials claim, it is the wrong question to ask. “The idea that she has a specific destination in mind for Britain’s future, or a secret plan for getting there, is a misunderstanding of how she works,” was the answer given by two sources. It seems she wants to first understand where she is, before moving forward

The Spanish Government explained its position on the official website which reported Rajoy had listened to the position of May after Brexit, and he assured her that citizens’ rights must mutually be defended, and similarly, for the businesses to escape any kind of prejudice. Moncloa made no reference on the content of the meeting and the consequences for Gibraltar after the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. But, diplomatic sources had said previously that is was almost inevitable that the subject would come up, to which Government sources noted Gibraltar was a bilateral matter and should not be affected by Brexit.

The United Kingdom has rejected entering discussions unless the very Gibraltarians request it, as currently they are happy being under British sovereignty.

The pressure and need for answers will build. After the pounds three-decade low concern and concern that May is marching out of the single market, EU leaders firmly hold tight to ‘non-negotiations’ until she has formally ‘triggered’ talks.

Pleas are being made for her to give an outline at least of what she is thinking. But it seems after a brief announcement yesterday May, is off on a little trip to promote trade ties with India first. She’s either one hell of a poker player or we can ALL just wait until she has her mind made up.

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