Magellan’s Replica Ship Arrives in Dénia

500 years ago, Nao Victoria was the first ship to tour the world. Built in the 20th century, its replica also circumnavigated the world. On May 10th, Nao Victoria replica ship arrives in the port of Dénia and can be visited until May 13th.



Nao Victoria is the replica of the ship which first sailed around the World, enduring the greatest maritime feat of all times. The original Nao Victoria, commanded by Juan Sebastian Elcano, left Seville in 1519 and returned to the same city in 1522, after circumnavigating the globe for the first time in history. In 1992, and on the occasion of the Expo in Seville, a replica of this ship was built, converting it into a floating museum of 26 meters in length and 7 in width.

From May 10th to 13th, this impressive ship will be docked in the port of Dénia, next to the Moll del Martell, and it will be possible to visit on daily basis, and the tickets can be purchased on site or through the website of the Nao Victoria Foundation.



The replica was built in Spain in 1991. Previously, a long process of historical research was carried out, directed by Ignacio Fernández Vial, the ship’s designer and builder, to design the shape of the ship and define its characteristics. An exhaustive study, based on documentary sources, chronicles, nautical treaties from the 16th century and iconography of the era, allowed to accurately reproducing the original ship’s main dimensions, spars, sails, and equipment.


Nao Victoria at Temps Fête, the maritime festival of Douarnenez


In order to commemorate the first sailing around the world and to disseminate the labour of Spanish discoverers, the replica of the Nao Victoria started, in 2004, another trip around the globe starting from Seville. Up to 26,894 miles were covered during 2004 to 2006 visiting 17 countries. The replica of the Nao Victoria is the first historical replica to circumnavigate the Earth.

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