INstudio, Tailor Made Interior Design Projects with Unique Atmosphere

The distinctive touch of an interior, the atmosphere, the materials, the shapes, the sounds, the harmony of colours, the counterpoint of contrasts – they all create the so-called “magic of the real” of any space. And this is what iNstudio aim to create: bespoke interiors and branding projects that give a touch of magic to each space.


iNstudio is a comprehensive interior design studio in Dénia, focusing upon tailored projects of private spaces, commercial premises, offices and ephemeral architecture. The team offers reforms, project management and furniture sales. Juan Periañez, founder and CEO, points out:


“We design with the best brands and collaborate with the best professionals to offer you the quality you are looking for. The limit is up to you.”





Architect and interior designer Juan Periañez travelled all over Europe, after having finished his studies, and he tells us that it was by then (2002) that the concept of the iNstudio was born. Years later, after having worked in an interior design store in Benidorm and then collaborating with the studio of Pepe Cabrera, iNstudio emerged naturally, from an experience of over 13 years and with the aim to assign and design unique atmospheres to each and every project. Juan Periañez says that “iNstudio finally sees the light and my dream is born with all the illusion to endow each space with its own personality, functionality and own style. For you, because in iNstudio you are the protagonist, because we listen to you and advise you so that your project is unique.”


For their projects, iNstudio also work with renowned international brands and have in their portfolio a wide collection of contract and home furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, pavements and finishing, lighting and complements, including names such as Driade or Porada, Luceplan or Occhio, Antonio Lupi or Rexa Design, to name just a few. Also, iNstudio offer a wide range of services, including interior design, project management and interior branding design.


Interior Design Services


Juan Periañez further explains the core values of his studio:

“The interior design is our hallmark. In iNstudio we feel the interior design with the heart, endow and complete each space and place of life with your own style, combine all the elements to create that special place that completes you, because it is part of you and above all it says who you are. Home, office, restaurant or store. Do not hesitate, we are here to advise you and help you turn your great dream into reality.”




Project Management

iNstudio can take care of all the aspects of the work, supervising, controlling and coordinating that everything is ready when necessary and the construction management needs it. So that you do not have to worry on each cost of each work, on how to correctly choose the constructor, on what materials to use and where, on floors, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning and so on…



Branding and Identity Design

If you need a stand to show your products or a space for your events, iNstudio is your place to create a space with own identity brand, uniquely and exclusively designed for you.



For more details, contact iNstudio through their website

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