Jane’s Restaurant at La Fonda Heritage Hotel: Where Gastronomy Meets Historic Splendor

Jane resides within the majestic La Fonda Heritage Hotel in charming Marbella. It stands as a culinary gem, captivating the senses and guiding diners on an extraordinary culinary journey. This article highlights three key aspects: top-quality cuisine, exceptional service, and a historical site that enchants.

Top-notch Gastronomy

At Jane’s, culinary excellence is revered. Each dish is a masterpiece, blending local and global flavors to surprise and delight even the most discerning palates. From Galician beef renowned for its unparalleled quality to a diverse selection of fresh fish, the dining experience transcends expectation. From farm to table and sea to plate, each bite embodies Jane’s commitment to quality and freshness.

“Jane’s: where each dish whispers tales of culinary mastery and historic charm”

Outstanding Customer Service:

What truly sets Jane’s apart is its exceptional customer service—a symphony of hospitality and care that transforms every visit into an unforgettable moment. From the historical threshold to the last sip of wine, the Jane’s team strives to provide a welcoming and memorable experience.

Unmissable Historical Setting

The restaurant is nestled within a historical ambiance in the warm and dazzling Marbella. The hotel, steeped in historical roots and Andalusian charm, seamlessly merges with Jane’s sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. Marbella’s beauty, bathed in sun-kissed, crisp days, provides an ideal backdrop for an extraordinary outdoor dining experience in a spectacular and inviting setting.

The harmony of history and modernity is reflected in the restaurant’s layout, including the beautiful 16th-century Hermitage of San Sebastián. Its three dining areas, paired with the impressive open kitchen, offer an unparalleled visual and culinary experience.

Jane’s celebrates culinary diversity while respecting and supporting local products. Through close collaboration with local fishermen and Andalusian farmers, it showcases seasonal produce, presenting the best of the region year-round.


Moreover, Jane’s extends a warm invitation to savor their specially curated menus for groups and festive occasions. Whether it’s a celebratory gathering or a special event, our meticulously crafted menus promise an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of historic elegance.

As the festive season unfolds, Jane’s transforms into the perfect setting to celebrate these special moments. From the intimacy of Christmas Eve to the excitement of New Year’s Eve, Jane’s adorns itself with elegance and refinement to become the ideal place for cherished family gatherings. This year marks their inaugural holiday season, and they are thrilled to debut in these heartwarming celebrations. At Jane’s, they invite you to create unforgettable memories in an ambiance that seamlessly blends the festive spirit with the distinguished sophistication they are known for.

Jane’s opens its doors from 7:00 PM to midnight, inviting those seeking unique and authentic gastronomic experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Additionally, the lunch menu is available from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Jane’s at La Fonda Heritage Hotel is a sublime experience—a sensory journey that combines tradition, quality, and hospitality, where every detail tells a story of excellence.

Contact details

Plaza Santo Cristo 9 & 10

Marbella 29601 – Spain

Tel: +34 952 123 840

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